Cloud Merchant – Next Generation Anti-Fraud Merchant Accounts.

Next Generation Anti-Fraud Merchant Accounts.

No Shut Downs – 24/7 Customer Service – No Contracts – No Hidden Fees ‎- Absolute Lowest Rates


  1. 99% merchant account approval rate.
  2. No Merchant Account shut downs for 99% customers. 0.1% shut down rate.
  3. No early termination fees. Very easy to cancel services.
  4. Flat rates. No hidden charges.
  5. 24/7 excellent customer service.
  6. Lowest Fees in the industry.
  7. Smart tools for FULL protection from credit card fraud, and chargebacks.
  8. Excellent leasing agreement. 0% APR.
  9. Be up and running in as little as one business day

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