Dynamics GP eCommerce Integration Notes

In this case you are moving away from emailing orders “automatically”
from ecommerce to Great Plains users to somewhat like batch overnight ecommerce
Sales Invoices and Payments processing or even in ideal case to real time
Invoices creation triggering from ecommerce to Dynamics GP SOP module.  Popular PHP based ecommerce shopping carts
also create customer profile on the fly or update existing customer.  In this case integration goes to Receivable

Close-up view on white conceptual keyboard – Law symbol (blue key)

Management Customer Master file in Great Plains.  Let’s take a look at technical side or
programming tools:

1.       Dynamics
GP eConnect.  If you are comfortable in
programming in C# or VB.Net, and you have basic SQL scripting and stored
procedures understanding – we recommend you to invest your time in
eConnect.  For Dynamics GP version 10.0 it
is installed automatically on your DB side.
eConnect, in fact, does have most of the logic, that you would be trying
to build in custom SQL stored procedures.
However, eConnect stored procedures are encrypted and you would need to
formalize your programming logic to accommodate eConnect rules.  If all you need to do is create or update
customer record, and then create Sales Order and possibly apply credit card
customer payment (for Credit Card Processing you should deploy third party
products: PC Charge, IC Verify, etc.) – eConnect does this job

2.       Dynamics
GP Integration Manager.  If you do not
see yourself as Microsoft Visual Studio developer, and you are OK to do
integration in batch mode overnight or every few hours, consider Great Plains
Integration Manager.  If you have very
basic programming skills, probably from high school, IM has VBA scripting,
where you can tweak Integration logic a little bit.  IM could be scheduled for shutting
integration, Microsoft Business Solutions has scheduling tool, however you
could schedule it via DOS batch file or third party add-ons

3.       Alba
Spectrum Order Connector.  Thinking about
IM or even eConnect, where integration logic is rich and requires processing
time and power, when you need simple repetitive integrations on the very high volume,
we have Order Connector, written in very direct SQL stored procedures, providing
astonishing integration speed

4.       Posting
Server or Autopost.  Here you are
breaking through eConnect or Integration Manager limitations and you can now
post Great Plains Batches automatically from your eCommerce application

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