Get Offshore Credit Card Processing – Enjoy Tax Benefits, Currency Advantages

A secure, cost effective, and reliable method of payment collection through offshore credit card processing can have a huge impact on the way you do business online. It can help you keep all information private, enjoy zero taxation, and provide protection from currency fluctuations, which in the current economy is a major concern for many Americans.

Online merchant credit card payment processing enables you to effectively accept payments for the products and services you offer on your website. You can accept payments in multiple currencies. These services can process various types of credit cards including the “Big Four:” Visa, MasterCard,

American Express, and Discover.

The order and payments processing procedure gets streamlined with a credit card payment merchant account. Your customers can make easy and quick purchases online through a secure server. Your card processing system is directly linked to your offshore merchant account. The tax benefits to such an arrangement are obvious.

Your business can remain up 24/7 if you want. The transactions are authorized within a few seconds. Automated receipts are sent to you and your customers, instantly. The credit reserve is as low as 10%. Most of the offshore credit card processing services involve no hidden costs, but this does not mean you should not be watchful for one that does.

Your credit card payment processing service can reduce your charge back with active customer fraud screening and address verification systems. The transaction processing rates range from 5% and upwards depending on the type and volume of your business.

Add to that a small 0.75% transaction fee and 10% rolling reserve. However, with most of the offshore credit card processing accounts, you do not have to pay gateway fees. There is no card processing dollar limit.

The merchant account provides comprehensive online credit card payment processing, rapid order processing, online merchant center, plus fraud and risk management. It also provides a turnkey payment solution. Such an account provides instantaneous online credit card processing and helps in maximizing sales opportunities and customer satisfaction.

With the dollar sliding farther against the Euro and British Pound seemingly every day, offshore credit card processing can be an invaluable tool to protect your business against inflation. Remember to always thoroughly research any firm you choose to be your offshore merchant account provider, for your own safety and your customers’. Source: Creditcardprocessinc dot com

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