Finding A Great Advisor

Federal business grants from the Department of Commerce and some of the other 26 government grants agencies will help your small business find the right consultant for the right price.
If your small business wishes to sell overseas there are programs from the International Trade Administration called the Manufacturing and Services program.

It is used by small business like yours, to increase the competitiveness and growth of U.S. industries and promote their increased participation in international markets through the Department of Commerce.
Government grants help pay for this program which include regular statistical reports; economic studies on current policy issues, such as international trade and industry competitiveness and the impact of Government regulations on industry; forecasts of industry/sector output, cost trends, and their general economic condition; information on industry structure, operations and technological developments.

Advisory Services and Counseling for your small business are provided because; They serve as the Federal Government source of industry-specific expertise, negotiation and enforcement of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, and industry and trade competitive analysis; for use by the business community, Federal program managers and policy-makers.
Any business, public official, civic organization or private citizen may request information in person, by letter, by telephone or via the Internet for your small business consulting.
Some contact numbers that you can use for specific information for your small business ideas:
International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, 14th and Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20230.
Inquiries should be directed to Manufacturing, (202) 482-1872;
Aerospace and Automotive Affairs, (202) 482-0554;
Energy, Environment and Materials, (202)482-5225;
Health and Consumer Goods, (202) 482-1176;
Materials and Machinery, (202) 482-0575;
Technology and Electronic Commerce, (202) 482-0216;
Service Industries, (202) 482-3575;
Travel and Tourism Industries, (202) 482-0140;
Finance, (202) 482-3277;
Export Trading Company Affairs, (202) 482-5131;
Industry Analysis (202) 482-5145;
Advisory Analysis, (202) 482-5145;
Advisory Committees, (202) 482-2474; and
Planning, Coordination and ManagementScience Articles, (202) 482-4921

Great small business ideas are what make our business excel and surpass the competition. Using federal grants to jump start your small business is how many of the large corporations got their start. Make sure you are one of them. Use them as an example and you can not go wrong.

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