How to recover Microsoft account without problems

The Microsoft account has all the latest features that allow easy access to the Microsoft account and also the easy recovery of the Microsoft account in case of any problem through the phone number of the account recovery Microsoft It is easy to create a Microsoft account with the type of password that the user wants and reset the account password when necessary.

Manually check the step-by-step steps to recover your Microsoft account. Is the user looking for information on how to recover the password from the Microsoft account? Professionally, this article will explain to the user the procedure to recover the Microsoft account with a complete step-by-step manual. All users should read the article thoroughly and can reset and recover the password without any stress.

Step to recover Microsoft account password

Step 1: First, users should visit the Microsoft account recovery page in the users’ browser.

Step 2: Then, the user must complete the users’ Microsoft account and click on the Next button.

Step 3: After that, the user must complete the user’s last password if he remembers, otherwise, click on the Trying different option.

Step 4: In addition, Microsoft user should select an email address or phone number to verify the identity of the users.

Step 5: If Microsoft account user selects the recovery email address or username, the user would obtain a verification link in the Microsoft account inbox. The user must open that link and redirect the user to the Microsoft password reset page where the user must create a newer new password. and the next step to confirm the password, the user must save the changes.

Step 6: In addition, if the user selects a phone number for Microsoft Account Recovery, the user will receive a verification code on the user’s mobile phone. the user must complete that code in the field provided by Microsoft account recovery page. In this way, the user would have the option of creating a new, newer password for the users of the Microsoft account. Create the new Microsoft account passwordBusiness Management Articles, confirm the password and modify the save.

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