Ultimate Guide To Leaders Merchant Business Services

You will have accessibility to the below-mentioned features while opening your business specifically in customer payments with Leaders Merchant Services.

· Payment processing: You will be able to accept debit or credit cards & checks. You can carry this out online mode or in-person. It will be accessible for payment processing at retail stores & restaurants.

· Merchant accounts: You will get dedicated merchant accounts having 24/7 accessibility to the online portal & sales. Besides, you can access deposits & chargeback summaries.

· POS software: You will have access to certain industry-specific features, including online ordering solutions, especially for restaurants.

· POS hardware: You will get everything from point-of-sale stacks to Verifone card readers.

Features of Leaders Merchant Services:

With Leaders, you will get an array of standard features that you might have expected from any payment processor:

· Payment gateway: As a payment gateway, it provides supports for unlimited transactions. Moreover, account users will be able to make online & phone transactions.

· Shopping cart integration: With this feature, the cart work over any available hosting platform. Furthermore, it follows the integration part towards enormous products, taxes, and specific shipping calculations. On this cart, you can make payment through e-check and credit card.

· Check reader: The check reader termed as Magtek Mini-MICR makes it possible for the merchants to accept paper checks. Additionally, you can connect to POS terminals as well as cash registers to ensure streamlined processing.

· QuickBooks integration: It makes instant acceptance possible with QuickBooks. Besides, it allows accessing the information about the customer & transaction information. All this is done through an Internet connection.

What hardware is available?

Leaders Merchant Services typically advertises an array of POS hardware option. These options are available on its official site. It includes specific terminals from Clover, Verifone, First Data, and Pax.

In case you already have hardware from any payment processor, then the Leaders can reprogram your hardware because it can be unlocked & compliant with PCI.

Pros and cons:


· Open for high-risk merchants.

· Wide range of online payments: It allows to accept swiped, EMV & NFC payments. Moreover, you can make payments using debit and credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

· You get 24/7 technical support via call whenever needed.


· There is no fee transparency. For getting a much clearer idea about the processing rates and account fees or POS pricing, make a call and get in touch with a rep. Such a technique is quite common among processors. All other things typically depend upon the rep you will be connected to.

· You will have to get tied within a long term contract. It asks the customers to sign a 3-year contract. Inclusively comprises of detail that is never advertised on the official site.

· You will have to pay an early termination fee. If you decide to leave the Leaders platform before the end of the contractFree Web Content, you will have to pay a penalty amount of $250 to $350.

People always give highly negative reviews after accessing the services.

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