How to get Free Internet Merchant Accounts

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How to get Free Internet Merchant Accounts

This article will show small businesses how to get free internet
merchant accounts. If your business is to grow and succeed, it
is essential to accept online credit cards.

Benefits of accepting online credit cards.

·It has been proven that sales increase dramatically when
you accept online credit cards.

·Up to 75% of online purchases are made on impulse and
customers spend up to 50% more when using their credit

·Above all, if you accept online credit cards you build
credibility in the eyes of your customers as they assume
only established businesses will accept cards.

However, it is not necessary to have your own internet
merchant account to be able to accept credit card
payments on your website. Most small businesses do not
need their own online merchant account.

How to get free online credit cards

Getting your own internet merchant account is more difficult
than obtaining an offline merchant account because the card
is not present at payment nor is the signature obtained.
Sometimes, small and new companies face extra difficulties.

Nevertheless, these problems can be overcome by getting a
Third Party Processing company to accept online credit card
payments on behalf of you or your company.

How Third Party Processors operate

The payments your customers make are processed through
the third party’s own merchant account, and you the retailer
is paid (minus a commission) by the third party processor.
This allows you to sell online without the necessity of having
your own internet merchant account.

However, the Third Party Processor makes its profit by
charging a processing fee. Usually, third party processor charges
are a little more on a transaction compared with having your
own online merchant account. Though set-up fees are usually
free or minimal.

So, there you have it. You can accept online credit cards on your
website through a Third Party Processor without needing your
own merchant account. Free internet merchant accounts by
another name!

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