Dynamics GP ecommerce Consultant Notes: Great Plains Integration

However, and this is what we assume in this small publication, a lot of ecommerce businesses have their websites and the integration should be on the level of custom connectors: pushing new customers, new catalogs, new orders and probably payments to Great Plains.  Please, consider these tools and solutions:

1.       eConnect.  It is set of stored procedures with interfaces for Microsoft Visual Studio ecommerce developer.  If you have programmers in staff, you should review eConnect with them and decide on the integration specifications. One thing often comes to the question eConnect doesn’t have functionality to post Great Plains batches, in order to post Dynamics GP batches directly from ecommerce portal, you should consider deployment of Alba Spectrum Posting Server

2.       Order Connector.  This product is supported by Alba Spectrum.  It allows you to deploy simple ecommerce integration logic to Great Plains Sales Order Processing module.  If this is your case, Order Connector allows you to call its stored procedures directly, which might give certain performance gain over eConnect and you do not have to learn eConnect.  For small Great Plains Dynamics customers, who are on older GP versions: 8.0, 7.5 – you could also use Order Connector, and eConnect for those versions was in introduction phase

3.       Integration Manager.  IM allows you to setup integration on the GP user level with some custom tweaks: VBA scripts.  It should solve your ecommerce integration needs, if real time integration is not required – you can either have GP user to call integration on demand or schedule IM via Windows macro routines (out of scope for this article)

4.       Direct SQL Custom Stored Procedures.  This approach may look natural for SQL programmer, however in this scenario you will need to replicate GP business logic in your scripts.  Just consider the fact, that eConnect already did exactly this – it replicated Great Plains Dexterity code in encrypted SQL Stored Procedures, so maybe you should consider more efficient programming time spending simply by deploying eConnect instead.  However, this is possible approach and theoretically you can replicate data feeding to Dynamics GP tables as if it is done via user interface

5.       If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to call us:
1-866-528-0577Feature Articles, [email protected]

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