10 Features Every eCommerce Software Solution Should Have

will scale as your business grows using best ecommerce platform and whether it’s an efficient solution or not. 

With numerous platforms to settle on from, myriad features and functionalities available it becomes difficult to work out which feature to settle on and which to abandon. Sometimes it also becomes difficult to work out whether the software you’re watching 

Therefore, we are getting to discuss a number of the foremost important features of an enterprise eCommerce tool. it’ll assist you to evaluate the platforms like KPShopy you would like and can assist you to determine whether or not it offers you all you would like to start out a business.
Shopping Cart

An eCommerce website is completely useless without a handcart. It’s sort of a cashier without a register and serves no purpose in the least. Most of the eCommerce platforms will have a built-in handcart solution but some will go that extra mile and provides you with third-party plugins for a more advanced and customised Functionality.

A Full-Fledged Library of Themes and Templates

The first thing that draws your customer to your eCommerce website is its aesthetic appearance and basic navigational features. a daily website surfer will immediately tell you whether its knowledgeable website or a B-grade. Believe or not a customer buying decision is majorly trusted the primary impression of the location design.
A good eCommerce software will offer you the power to quickly change the design and feel of your website employing a diverse library of eCommerce design Templates. Also, confirm that the best ecommerce platform for business you employ may be a developer-oriented in order that the web site is often scalable as and when needed through the introduction of the latest templates and plugins.

A lot of shoppers read reviews. In fact, 85% of individuals trust online reviews the maximum amount as a private recommendation. The star rating is one of the most factors employed by consumers.
Some people have the wrong impression that negative reviews are a purchase killer. actually, it is not. Negative reviews can often end up to be positive. this is often because products with negative reviews are often considered fake.

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Ability to Accommodate High-Resolution Photos and VideosNow is an era where people need a lot quite one photo and a few bullet points describing those products and a tag. Today’s customers want to ascertain multiple angles of the products and the way they will be utilized in different environments. They also want the zoom out and zoom functionality to urge a true feel of a product.

Remember images are selling your products not text. So it’s essential that the eCommerce platform display multiple photos per product. The photos should be of high resolution and will be optimized to load easily.

Special Offers

Almost every eCommerce website today uses special offers as its standard marketing tactic. they’re using platforms like a newsletter, social media, text messages etc. this is often something really basic, next-level eCommerce vendors take the advantage of header section to market special offers and discounts.
It is excellent thanks to attracting them to shop for your products. When shoppers realize that they’re the special deal it entices them to shop for that product or spend longer searching related items.
Provide your website with a singular website which will not only list offers and drive more sales but also improve the SEO.
Find future

Not all eCommerce websites have a brick and mortar structure but those with them should have a Find in-store feature. Sometimes you don’t really have the time to attend for the merchandise to urge shipped to the doorstep.
Also, tons of shoppers lately are logging on just to research a product than make a sale. this is often extremely helpful to ascertain which local stores have which products available.
Multi-Touch Point Contact Page

Nothing builds more trust among its consumers than a well presented “ contact us” feature when it involves shopping online. this is often particularly more applicable when selling high-end merchandise or technical products.
Always make it easy for your buyer to succeed in you and support request. you’ll include multiple ways of doing that. It might be phoneArticle Search, email or it also can be a web form. Companies with brick and mortar stores also can give a choice to set a web appointment via their contact page. Don’t forget to feature social links and google maps for location.
Return Policy

Return policies have now become a crucial feature of any eCommerce website using the best eCommerce platform. it’s also something which is sensitive therefore it should be properly illustrated and well written. This yet one more vital thing which can assist you to gain your customer’s trust. it’ll confirm that if you’re unhappy with the merchandise or a wrong size is delivered you’ve got an opportunity to urge it replaced.

A survey by Invesp invest shows that

30% of all the products offered online are returned.
92% of the customer will buy again if the return policy isn’t stringent
67% of the patrons check the return policy page before they create a sale.
Today most major B2B eCommerce platforms offer a recommendation engine to assist sellers to boost the conversion rates.  the advice shouldn’t be only limited to the websites sending emails also delivers a big conversion rate.

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