10 Major Benefits Of Custom Magento Development For Your eCommerce Store

Managing an online eCommerce store business is difficult on the website is built. However, Magento development services in USA is changing eCommerce game. Know how!

Managing a shop is always a tough task in the local market. And the same difficulty is in managing an online shop, i.e. the website to promote your online business.

There are about 1.5 billion websites and none of them are the same!

Out of these websites, most of the websites are in the eCommerce industry. Therefore, if you have plans to enter the online shopping business, then we have some important things to share with you.

First, is to make an eCommerce website, your options aren’t limited to only Drupal and WordPress. Second, we have Magento – the best eCommerce website builder.

Nowadays, Magento 2.0 is the new preferred eCommerce website builder and many top eCommerce Portal Development Company in USA prefer Magento eCommerce solutions.

“Today, the Magento eCommerce platform powers 29% of websites on the internet!”

Whenever we choose an eCommerce site builder, we go through a lot of considerations. But, Magento is made solely for promoting eCommerce business such that everyone can facilitate the online shopping experience.

But, the question is: how efficient is Magento? To answer this we have prepared this article!

Yes, it is true that WordPress is the MOST popular CMS with one-fifth of the total websites built on it, but web development industry experts call Magento as the MOST popular eCommerce CMS.

“In USA alone, 11% of the eCommerce websites are using Magento.”

Some best examples of Magento websites are Samsung, Lenovo, Ford, Men’s Health FoxConnect, Olympus, Nestle Nespresso, Vizio, and Nike.

As a leading custom Magento development service provider, we feel that it is our duty to promote this website builder’s 10 best benefits. After fair analysis, we have come the conclusion that –

Magento Is A Best eCommerce Website Builder Platform!

Highly Scalable & Flexible

Due to Magento’s flexibility and scalability, around 9000 websites use it as their preferred website builder. Not only this, but many Fortune 500 companies also use Magento.

There is one big advantage to eCommerce websites using Magento! Magento seamlessly develops a website and adapts new features and extensions.

Maybe this is the reason why Magento custom extension development is considered best.

Multiple Storefronts With Single Backend

Usually, in eCommerce websites, the main website has product categories as an integral part. But, the same is not in Magento! With the help of Magento, a developer creates specific websites for every product category other than the main website.

Though the backend system remains the same and single, the Magento eCommerce solutions run multiple websites to host multiple product categories.

Each sub website from the main website looks beautiful and attracts customers!

Open-source & Stong Community

Magento eCommerce platform is free and open-source. It has two different editions: Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition.

The community edition is free but the enterprise edition is premium!

Hence, if you are a dedicated Magento developer in USA and are looking for ways to accelerate the Magento website performance, then go for the Magento enterprise edition as it offers modules to add extra features and functionalities of your online store.

Magento Performs High!

Magento websites and software are enriched with in-built features. Additionally, developers with the help of custom Magento module development can create more dynamic online applications that are SEO-friendly, user-friendly, and secure.

Since Magento allows the use of modules, you can sit back and relax regarding the performance and database optimization. Feel free to contact us, if you ever get any difficulty!

Magento Is Highly Secured!

Magento ensures building a highly secure eCommerce website. It actually facilitates the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for securing customer transaction data and follows all the General Data Protection Regulation laws.
Furthermore, it takes care of the website’s appearance, design, themes, side by side with security.

The increasing number of Magento eCommerce stores convinces us that Magento has become a strong pillar in our eCommerce website development. And most of the Magento web development services providers in USA believe this.

Magento – A Digital Marketing Friendly eCommerce Platform!

Magento offers many features to website developers and owners out of which I have discussed some of the top-notch features below as follows:

These additional features will always keep the Magento services ahead of their competitors.

It Is A Mobile-friendly Website Building Platform

We know that 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices! Most of the searches done by users are nowadays performed on mobiles, tablets, etc. Hence, your website must remain mobile compliant.

The Magento websites mobile compatible. Yes, Magento is mobile responsive.

As the Magento eCommerce platform supports HTML5 it gives a full responsive view to the users on mobile phones; thus increasing their online shopping experience.

Also, Magento is functional on both desktop and mobile; therefore, it will always generate a better CRO!

Magento is SEO friendly

In the website industry, ranking factor at search engines plays an important role. To rank your website at the number 1 position, you need to follow a strong SEO strategy. Most of the CMS like WordPress, Drupal use plugins and modules to take advantage of SEO.

However, Magento is an SEO-friendly platform that has an in-built digital marketing assistant that guides in writing URL structures, URL rewriting, meta tags, and meta descriptions, etc.

Lastly, Magento Gives A Quality Consumer Experience

With Magento, your website visitors, leads, and customers are able to experience different functionalities. Moreover, Magento also supports advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, blockchains, etc.

With these technologies at your hands, you can make a fast, easy to access, secure, website that gives a better customer experience. As a result, the Magento eCommerce website easily grabs attention and does almost anything as per the business requirement.

CMS Website Services has been working on Magento for a long time! If you need assistance or any kind of Magento custom development services in USA, be it migration or website developmentBusiness Management Articles, we are ready to serve you anytime.

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