10 Most Wanted PS3 Games of 2011


Deus X: Human EvolutionFrom the developers of Rainbow Six comes Deus X: Human evolution, which maybe a little shocking to some. However, some excellent decisions to take from the excellent first game and ignore plenty of the lacklustre second while still keeping the multi player approach are excellent ideas and ones we certainly commend. The game also looks amazing and we’ve been quite astounded with the graphics – merely staring into the TV screen and admiring like the geeks we are for most of it.Infamous 2Aside from the slightly self inflated sounding title, Inflated has gotten our pulses racing for the coming year. Made by the original makers of the first game, it looks fabulous and is set to be the super hero romp of 2011 as far as we’re concerned. There’s even talk of more detail, with the development team citing they can take maximum power from the PS3’s processors for the ultimate in carnage.KillzoneAnother year, another Killzone – thank god. We can’t wait to see how this new shoot ‘em up will fare next year. The game looked quite amazing when we set our eyes on it, and you can be sure if it’s anything like the previous two Killzones, it will play amazingly. There will also be a new Resistance this year, which is sure to set mouths salivating and other such less hygienic happenings to occur.The Last GuardianA peculiar game that has taken years to develop, this is the third by developers Ico, though it looks set to play and look amazing. Expect something amazing.Uncharted 3: Drakes DeceptionNumber 3 in the Uncharted gaming series and certainly one of our most anticipated games for the year of 2011. Created by Naughty Dog, this game is sure to include the shine and glimmer of the previous version, which was one of the most stylish games of recent years. Sharp scripts, movie like characters and excellent game play have pushed this game up the charts.Mass Effect 3There can be no questioning why Mass Effect 3 is in this list of games for 2011 after the storm the previous two titles created. This is science fiction gaming at its best – a real RPG/ shooter winner. The storyline was very intriguing in the previous games and the game itself beautiful to play – more of the same means a big winner for 2011 and a certainty to be in the top 5 of the top 40 games.Little Big Planet 2The original was a stroke of genius and this one is a great game with a huge array of additional bits and bobs for use with the game and tonnes of new features. The increase in the possibilities of the physics in the games are jaw dropping and the endless amount of mind blowing imagination in this game is a reason to just buy a PS3.Mortal KombatAfter some really desperate attempts at a MK game throughout the 90s and early 2000s, the franchise is eventually safe again with this game. Not only is this game a wonderful game, it is most possibly the fighting game of its generation. It offers perfect graphics, amazing game play and of course the fatality system, which never fails to amuse.La NoireIt got enough press and fortunately lived completely up to reputation and bridged the gap between movies and games. Though the game is a little slow, it is a clear leap in standard and Rockstar should be proud.Dead Space 2If you want pants wetting scary, then Dead Zone is exactly what you desire. The game is scary, has a amazing graphics and game play and we can really see this sequel taking you places that the original didn’t.Zavvi has these games this year as well as many others that haven’t made the charts. However, as is clear to see 2011 is a great year for PS3 games.

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