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How to keep your spirits bright and your wallet full during the holiday season and others.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Eid, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or just living life this year, make sure you keep track of your holiday spending to avoid a New Year full of debt.

Create a holiday budget that includes gift buying, decorating and entertaining expenses. Make sure the list is within your budget and stick to it!

Don’t blow your balances. Check your debt analysis Free Calculators online before you start to shop to see how much you can really afford to charge. If your debt reaches more than 50% of your available credit, you could see your Credit Score drop in January.

Keep an eye out for Identity TheftIdentity Theft during the holidays. Sign up for Credit Alerts that will swiftly notify you if a Grinch has stolen your personal information.

Get creative with your decorations instead of spending a fortune. Paper snowflakes, pop-corn chains and homemade wreaths are just as festive as expensive store-bought decorations.

Shop early. Spacing your purchases over a few paychecks will help you watch your budget and reduce the amount you charge.

Purchase and send gifts that need to be mailed early to avoid expensive one or two-day shipping rates.

Consider sending holiday postcards instead of letters. You can make the cards yourself and save on postage.

Make a point of checking your receipts to avoid any faulty charges. During the frenzy of holiday shopping, you can easily be overcharged for a purchase.

Take advantage of free gift-wrapping services. Every little bit counts!

Visit the ATM before your shopping trip and withdraw the budgeted amount. Paying with cash will keep you on track.

Avoid the “buy now, pay later” philosophy. Before you pull out your credit cards, gently remind yourself, “If I can’t afford to pay for it with cash, I really can’t afford it.”

If you really want to give, but don’t have the money, try creating less expensive homemade gifts such as jamComputer Technology Articles, cookies or a creative gift basket.

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