3 ways to prevent getting embezzled

Your people may be embezzling and you probably don’t even
know it. This article shows easy tactics they could use and how you can stop
from becoming a victim. If you’re accepting cash payments, allowing staff to
write checks or receiving credit card payments over the phone, you are
vulnerable. Read on to protect yourself…

Your employees may be embezzling…and you probably don’t
know it. Yes, you read that right. In medical offices, employees can embezzle
from you easily. Here are some ways they do that.

How employees embezzle (and how to stop it)

1. Cash co-pays. If someone pays in cash, the receptionist
can just pocket that money and you would not know about it. They could then update
the patient’s account saying, “Oh, they paid $100.” You probably won’t notice
if you’re missing $100 out of $50,000 in your monthly collections. Your solution: never allow anyone to
pay in cash. Staff can pocket it too easily.

2. Another way is giving them access to your checking
account. You have to have boundaries with your practice. We picked up an account
where the doctor had a lot of turnover.  His last office manager arranged his bank
account so she could do his deposits and
withdrawals. She was taking money out of his account and he had no idea. Your solution: you, as the doctor and
business owner should be the only one on the bank account. You can still have
someone stamp the back of checks and deposit the checks without giving anybody
permission to take money OUT of your
account. You shouldn’t have somebody else able to sign checks for your
practice. Only you can sign. The office staff can fill out checks for you but
you should be the only one that can sign them. Go to the bank and redo your
signature card.

3. A third way involves stolen credit card numbers. You
shouldn’t take payments over the phone because there is too much liability of
someone committing fraud. Anybody can steal somebody else’s credit card number.
It could be an employee or a patient. Your
: Do not accept credit card payments over the phone. If someone is
going to pay by credit cardScience Articles, have them come into the office and show their ID
and then swipe their credit card on your machine. A patient could also mail you
a check but don’t take any payments over the phone. The potential for fraud is
too high.

You can’t put blind trust in your staff. We’ve seen embezzlement
happen over and over. A doctor trusts his staff and isn’t really watching his
statements every month. He starts asking questions when he senses his finances
aren’t where they should be. 

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