4 Great Reasons to Get the EHIC Card

Making the most of your EHIC card? Insurance is vital, but for some travellers, the extra security of the EHIC card is even more important.

The ease with which EU nationals can now hop from country to country is a welcome and long-awaited change for many travellers. While everyone’s situation is different, the modern traveller knows how important insurance is. The introduction of the European Health Insurance Card brings with it certain peace of mind, but one should never forget it is not a substitute for comprehensive travel insurance.

Travel while pregnant

The EHIC card is without doubt a wonderful innovation. It is based on the premise that if the EU is to function as an open market and an open community, its open doors cannot be narrowed in terms of health insurance complications. Wherever you may go, this free card offers you the same quality of cover local people are entitled to across the union. This is especially beneficial to those who suffer from regular health issues, and even those who have medical issues that have nothing to do with illness. Pregnant women no longer have to feel like they shouldn’t travel because they will be left without adequate health services or have to foot an enormous bill outside their home nation. As long as a woman is not travelling for the specific purpose of receiving medical care, maternity cover is included under the card.

Travel on business

The EHIC card is also especially useful and popular for those who travel for business, as the foundations of the EU were largely built on opening doors for trade. Hundreds of people criss-cross the Union daily for business purposes. While many companies either offer or encourage workers to purchase suitable insurance, the general assurance of the card is a smart thing to have in your pocket if you travel regularly for business.

Travel for study

A student life is often an investment in financial possibilities, not a healthy financial state, so students who travel will find the EHIC card very valuable. You can travel around Europe with no fear that you’ll be left high and dry if an accident or illness befalls you. However, once again the warning must be reiterated that the card does not cover loss, theft or damage of personal possessions, including expensive technology.

Travel for leisure

Ultimately, the EHIC card makes top up insurance cheaper and simpler for EU citizens for the purposes of leisure. It means when you take a holiday you can save money and time by simply adding the cover you need to make up for the limits of the card in any country you may intend to visit. This not only helps fuel the tourism industry across EuropeFeature Articles, but also means more people can take simple holidays with less hassle. That’s almost priceless!

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