4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Frequent Flyer Credit Card


However, if you’re also like many other consumers you worry about whether or not it’s ultimately really worth it. After all, credit cards just come with so much fine print.  So how is it even possible to know you’re really optimizing the benefits you’re eligible for once you have the card in hand. Actually, it’s simple. If you just make sure to pay attention to a few simple directives, you can be positive that you’re benefiting to the greatest degree possible from your frequent flyer credit card program of choice.Realize That All Points Aren’t Created EqualWhat many airlines miles credit card consumers fail to realize at first is that there are not only different ways to earn your frequent flier points, but that one purchase is not necessarily equal to the next when it comes to points earned. It really does make a huge difference how you earned them, for one thing. In many cases, points earned actually traveling or making purchases with the airline or establishments the card is designed to promote are worth more. Make sure to scour your airline miles credit card application for information on concepts like “qualifying miles” to make sure you’re strategizing your spending efforts to your greatest benefit. Doing this can mean you reap tremendous rewards.Know the Fine Print Inside-OutEvery frequent flier credit card consumer knows what the perks attached to their particular program are, but make sure that you’re the smart consumer who knows what the fine print says just as well. Do your airline miles come with expiration dates attached? How about blackout dates? What, if any, are the fees attached to use of your credit card? It’s important to have all these things in mind in order to avoid spending more than you have to or to be able to maximize your benefits to the greatest extent.Remember That Loyalty PaysDon’t lose sight of the fact that your airline miles credit card program was probably created to help drum up business for a particular airline or cluster of establishments. Know which ones these are. Concentrating your travel and spending efforts with this knowledge in mind will help you reach “elite” status that much faster when it comes to these companies, meaning special perks and additional benefits start coming your way that much sooner. These include but are not limited to fee waivers, special treatment, and upgrades.Be Able to Tell When Enough Is EnoughDon’t get into the habit of thinking of spending as “earning airline miles” while forgetting that it’s also still spending. Don’t do things like make huge purchases solely for the sake of racking up airline miles. If you do want to make such a purchase and can truly afford it, make sure you also know whether or not there are any hidden fees attached to that purchase that could leave you hurting later or cut into the benefits you’re reaping. For instance, some car companies charge huge surcharges if you use a rewards card for your down payment or purchase, so make sure you ask all the right questions first.Ultimately, getting the most out of your airline miles credit card boils down to being aware, asking smart questions, and making smart purchases, which really isn’t hard at all. If you can do that, then you won’t believe what your frequent flier card program can do for you!

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