5 Benefits of Setting Goals


If you have a goal it gives you focus something to aim for, a target or dream to work to.


Achieving or making progress towards a goal can be hugely motivating.  Imagine for example you want to improve your fitness.  When you start you can only exercise on the treadmill for a short period of time at a relatively slow speed.  Pretty quickly you can comfortably run for 15 minutes at a reasonable speed.  It’s a great feeling when you reach and then pass a previous best.


If you set yourself a goal you are more likely to succeed.  Once you set an idea in your mind that you are going to do something, there is likely to be a much greater chance of success.  Why? The reason is that you will go the extra mile to achieve it.


If you start setting and achieving goals your confidence will rise.  I use myself as an example.  I left school at 16 with basic qualifications.  I started an Accountancy Diploma at night school.  Each time I passed a set of exams it gave me the confidence to tackle the next level.  Eventually I qualified as a Chartered Management Accountant.


Every time we set a goal we grow as a person.  The reason for this is that we are probably going to have to develop or learn about something to achieve it.  Setting up my web-site is a good example.  I would describe myself as IT competent.  Despite this I purchased a website builder, had a goComputer Technology Articles, got some feedback and asked for help when stuck.  The learning and growth from doing what might appear as a simple task was huge.

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