5 Powerful and Proven Ways to Decrease Your Google Adwords Spending

I am no Google AdWords expert, but since coming online many years ago and from the dawn of Google AdWords, I’ve initiated campaigns many times, had my fingers burnt more than once, and eventually learnt to build and sustain many successful AdWords campaigns.

Here my top 5 tips for setting up a successful Google AdWords advertising campaign and decreasing your ad budget significantly.

1. Brush up on Your copy-writing skills – The most important aspect of setting up a successful ad campaign with Google AdWords is undoubtedly the strength of the writing in your ad. If you don’t feel confident that you can compel your readers to click through on your ad then you had better make this the main focus of your learning. There are many copy-writing courses and tutorial online. Failing that you should look to pay a copywriter to write your ads. As I’ve stated this is extremely important and could well save you $100s or $1000s.

Google will price your bids according to amount of Click throughs your ad attains. So it makes perfect sense to create a compelling ad.

2. Organize your keyword into tight groups – Throwing 1000s of keyword phrases into your AdWords campaign will not work and is a recipe for losing your shirt in this arena. You must organize your keywords into small targeted groups. These groups may be as small as 3-5 different but closely related phrases.

3. Create a different ad for each keyword group – Before your ad even goes live, Google will price your bids according to how relevant your keyword phrases match your ad. It is impossible to add a broad spectrum of keyword phrases and keep the ad on track. This is impossible because in order for the ad to be relevant, according to Google’s standards, it usually has to contain the keyword phrase from your keyword group.

4. Create more than one ad for each campaign – This is the easiest and most effective way to improve on your ad click through rates. When you create a Google AdWords campaign make sure to add a second or even third ad to the campaign. When the ads are up and running on Google you will soon get the click through percentages of each ad, as Google serves each of your ads in rotation to the viewing public.

Once it is apparent which ad is pulling the most click throughs, you simply replace the other one or two and repeat the process. That way you can continually increase your ad effectiveness and subsequent ad costs.

5. Go after less competitive keyword phrases – This will take some work as the less competitive the keyword phrases usually the less amount of traffic available. So, you need to persevere, adding a new keyword group and ad every day until you are satisfied with the level of traffic. You can find 1000s of long-tail(3-5 word) keyword phrases related to your targeted market, which are going to cost very little per click through.

Another way to achieve traffic for low cost is to go after product names or the names of experts in your niche. This is a favourite tactic of Internet marketers. Product names and the names of gurus usually cost very little to rank highly on Google AdWords, yet prospects are searching for these terms everyday.

No matter how clear the instructions, getting efficient and profitable with Google AdWords is going to take at least a little trial and error. The most important thing is that you get started.

Follow the steps above in setting up your campaign and log in frequently to check your progress and ad costs. I am confident that in following the strategies above that you can significantly decrease your overall outgoings with increased profits.

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