5 rules for Ecommerce stores starting out

A lot of people out there have the idea that creating an
online store is a guarantee for success and riches. You only have the big name
stores online to compare to and get inspiration. The thing is these massive stores
have huge budgets and very powerful marketing teams behind them. However this
isn’t to say your dream of online success is doomed, all companies had to start
somewhere and most started from the bottom. But by thinking you are just going
to get online success with no effort is like saying you wish you would win the
lottery but then never actually buying a ticket. You need to put the work in
and if you have little or no knowledge in this field at all then it is vital
you hire a professional to get your business noticed and help you do things
correctly or it will end up lost in the massive minefield that is the internet.
There are a few rules to help you get started which really are the vital
ingredients and will be a massive kick start for your ecommerce store.

Rule 1: Advertise – Start by telling friends, word of mouth
is a good basic starting tip to get traffic to the site. Starting a Google
Adword campaign
is also a good idea for new businesses as it has an instant
effect. You should set yourself a monthly budget of how much you are prepared
to spend and don’t go over it, then document the result it has. Also social networking
groups and pages have a good effect as they reach a larger audience. You will
get fans and followers which you can link back to your website.

 Rule 2: Trust – Nobody is going to buy a
product or service from somebody they do not have faith in. Add secure icons
for payments and make sure your terms and conditions and privacy statement are
clear. Ensure whoever is buying that all their information and details are
safe. Have your own contact details available to them so they have the peace of
mind that they can get in touch with you with any problems.

Rule 3: Attention to Detail – Write user friendly detailed
information on your products. Bullet points are a good idea as people can skim
through and find what information they need. There is no point in writing huge
paragraphs as this just puts people off as a lot of people cannot be bothered
to read masses of text. With bullet points you have the bonus that you can
write lots of information but you don’t need to pad it out to make sense.
People will be more likely to buy if they can understand the product.

Rule 4: Offer – Have promotions on your home page and give away’s
or offers, things like “buy one get one half price with your first purchase”
This has a really encouraging effect as people like to get things for free and
in a way it makes them feel like they are getting one up on you but obviously
not in a bad way.

Rule 5: Clear Pictures – Make sure your pictures are of a
high quality and are clear to look at, you could also add a zoom option, have
more than one view e.g. back, side, front etc. People are more likely to buy
something if they can see clearly what it looks like.


Obviously if you are starting an ecommerce store, these tips
aren’t going to be the only things you need to do and it’s not a guaranteed
successFeature Articles, but it is definitely a stepping stone to start with.

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