5 Ways That Can Get Your Google Adsense Account Terminated


Google is the king of the search engines and they take that title very seriously. They are constantly working to make sure that all users of their search engine are getting relevant and quality searches. They want to make sure that whatever result the user clicks on, they will find information that is helpful to them.This is why google adsense is so popular. If you add adsense to your pages, then the ads that appear will be relevant to the copy on your web page. You are now giving the visitor of your site added information so they can ultimately find exactly what they are looking for. By targeting high in demand keywords many adsense publishers are making a nice income just from adsense.This makes google adsense a great way to make income online. However, there are some people who think they cheat the all mighty king. Well let me tell you that you can not cheat google. Your blackhat methods may work for short period of time, but in the long run google will catch you and they will terminate your account. After they terminate your account they will keep all the money in your account. You will not get paid and there is no way to fight them because you violated the terms of service which you agreed to uphold.Before you start your adsense empire, here is a list of things that will get your adsense account terminated. 1. Clicking on your ads – Google can track IP addresses and this will get your account terminated very quickly. 2. Hidden Keywords – Filling your page with keywords that are the same color as your background. Visitors may not be able to see the keyword stuffing, but the google bot will be able to read them. 3. Page Cloaking – This is when there you create an optimized page for the search engine and another page which is designed for the visitor of your site. Having a page that a human visitor of your site will never see is a not looked upon in a friendly manner by google. They look at it as you are tricking your visitor to click on something that you want them to see, but they may not want to see it.4. Doorways – This technique is very similar to page cloaking. A page that is filled with high demand keywords is then redirected visitors to another user friendly page. This will get your account terminated because you are sending the visitor to a page you want them to go to, not where the visitor wants to go.5. Different domain names with the same content – First of all you will be nailed with a duplicate content penalty and see your rankings drop like a stone. Second, search engines can look at IP addresses, registry dates and all other information related to a domain name. So if you think that you can hide this information, then you are wrong. The same goes for the same content on separate pages and sub domains.These are only 5 techniques that can get your google adsense account terminated. There are many other techniques that people use. Just do things the correct way and build your sites with your visitors in mind. Do not build for the search engine. If you think of technique that you think will trick google or any other search engine, think again. They will figure it out and when they do they will bring down the hammer. You can not beat the search engines. Do not try. Just do everything the correct way and you will be enjoying a nice adsense income for a long time.

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