7 Mistakes You Should Avoid To Keep Your Instagram Account Growing

The roots of Instagram are extending limitlessly, and most users of Instagram are focusing continuously to build a strong presence on the platform. Also, it is quite challenging for Instagrammers to build a large following because other users on Instagram think more than twice or thrice for following any Instagram account, which is not the case with Facebook or Twitter. 

People who own a business account on Instagram might sometimes get extremely annoyed due to the very slow rate of followers coming in. Such a situation makes them think whether they should still hold the account or remove it. This article aims to help such people notice their audience rate grow by letting them know the mistakes they should avoid to sort out the problem. The following are the most common mistakes to avoid to gain continuous engagement on Instagram.

Instagram is a social media channel where interaction is the key, and you should interact with your followers by responding to their comments and thanking them for their likes. When you fail to interact with your followers, they will never bother you. Even if you post a fascinating visual story, you will see a drop in your engagement rate. In the worst case, followers might also unfollow you if you miss the interaction part. Always remember to interact with your audience to keep your account going on.


Posting too much content now and then on your account can also lead your profile to stop growing. And everyone knows that creating or curating worthy content is a time-consuming task. Some people say that they have a decent engagement rate even if they post less content. Hence posting quality content at the right and consistent times can help your account grow a bit faster. People who have 10K and more followers should concentrate more on content aspects and must give first preference to maintain their followers rather than on achieving numbers. Also, it would be better if the posts in your feed connect with some logic behind.


If you want to become popular in your niche, you should start interacting with people in the same niche, which helps you enlarge your business circle and develop business relationships. Connecting with influencers is the best thing you can do to maximize your network, which can get the maximum boost and visibility for your content. There are more chances to get Instagram impressions for your posts from people whom you haven’t heard about. Alternatively, [you could buy Instagram impressions available at reasonable prices you could get started with buying Instagram Impressions]to improve the visibility of the post and get an organic crowd.


Gone are the times to entice the audience by posting beautiful images alone because they are the lookout for dynamic and lively content. So failing to use Instagram stories means missing a lot of good things to happen for your profile. Creating compelling stories with the necessary elements like hashtags, location stickers, and going live on Instagram stories are deeds that can take you a long way on Instagram. Identify the right format for your content. Short videos, DIY GIFs, Boomerangs, and cinemagraphs are a potential headstart to stay at the competitive edge.


Users on the Instagram lookout for genuine profiles and so you must make them feel closer to you to become more popular. Influencers mostly post the real side of them. The following are some of the tips to be real:

How your profile appears is an inclusive factor affecting the number of followers coming in for any Instagram account. People decide whether to follow you or not just when they look at your profile, especially your Instagram handle, profile picture, and bio. The trick lies in having a unique personal handle, which is a bit tough as most handles are already taken, and you need to work on it. Ensure uploading a clear profile picture (in the right size), which might be your photo or your brand logo. Your bio should be impressive, clearly written, and should be understood by people who read it. Taking care of these things can attract more audience for your profile.


It is necessary to have a clear purposeBusiness Management Articles, and your account should demonstrate a crisp online identity. People should understand what your brand is. They will follow you only if they feel your posts can invite users for their feed. Hence you need to work out with a vision and mission to deliver what they expect. The best practice can be to research and identify your target audience and create content custom-tailored to their needs.

So. there you go. Remember to avoid these mistakes to improve the progress of your Instagram account.

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