A Guide To Applying for Credit Cards over the Internet

Over the last few years the internet has become your one stop to finding credit cards, comparing APR (annual percentage rate), rewards programs and incentives. And the best part is you can apply for all of them online and with a secure connection. Just from searching google you can find millions of credit card resources.

One of the the best ways to find a credit card comparison website is to go to your favorite search engine and simply search “credit cards” and press “enter”. Now before you jump on the first one you see there are a few things you should remember when looking for a credit card online.

1. Pick a website that offers comparisons.

2. Choose a website that offers all of the banks/issuers(American Express, CitiBank, Chase etc.).

3. Make sure the website offers more details on each individual credit card.

4. Find a site that is professional and updated often.

5. After you find a few cards that interest you make sure you compare the introductory APR, fixed APR, cash advances, balance transfers and fees, bonus or award programs, cash back programs, credit limit, annual fees, etc.

One website you may find helpful is creditcards.com. CreditCards.com has a large database offering cards from, advanta, american express, bank of america, citibank, chase, discover, HSBC as well as visa. The site is easy to navigate and also tells you what type of credit rating you will need for each card. You can apply directly from the comparison page by clicking “apply here” under the corresponding card.

In essence when comparing credit cards online be sure you are looking for cards that are going to meet your daily needs. If you don’t fly often then why apply for an airline credit card. If you are driving quite often and with how gas prices are these days pick a gas rebate card. Also be sure to pick a card that offers a low fixed rate. For instance some cards may offer a 0% intro aprArticle Submission, but 6 months later will jump to 14.99%. Lastly remember to have all of your personal information with you when you begin to fill out the online applications.

All of the above information is vital when searching for a credit card online. Be sure to remember this information when searching for a credit card comparison website and it will save you lots of money in the long run. You may also find a site you can use in the future for all of your credit card needs.

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