A Guide to Unsecured Business Loans

Debt financing has never been popular with small business owners. I can understand why it is being avoided as if it is a disease. It can become a financial burden with the high interest rate that is pegged to unsecured credit facilities. However do not discount debt financing, as it can be a good way to raise much-needed funds for your business.

Today, there are two types of unsecured credit facilities open to small business owner. Whether it is to be a business overdraft or a business installment loan, the choice would ultimately depend on the needs of your company and how capital will be utilized.

If your company needs a safety net for rainy days, your best bet would be an unsecured bank overdraft facility. It is an excellent way to minimize your interest expense especially if the funds are used for a short period. Some banks even pay you preferential interest rates if your account has credit balances in it. Your current banker probably has offered you this facility before so take it. With the credit line being reviewed on a yearly basis take the maximum quantum offered. After all, there’s no certainty that you will be getting the same or better deal in years to come.

On the other hand if your company is planning to expand, go with the unsecured business installment loan. This way you get to maximize your business potential without the fear of your sources of livelihood being taken away from you. Most banks do not restrict the usage of the funds thus the flexibility is a big bonus to any small business owner.

Most banks have slightly different policies on unsecured credit facilities for small businesses. I strongly encourage you to shop around for more information before deciding whether debt financing is suitable for your company and if so, which bank to acquire this source of funds from. To find out more about how debt financing can work for your businessHealth Fitness Articles, speak to your banker today.

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