A Reality Check on Ecommerce Business Model

learn about different ecommerce business model and create ecommerce website and making money from it.

Innovative ecommerce business models and trends are steadily altering the world and our surroundings as we know it. These models seem to entail path-breaking variations and help you own awe-inspiring revenue streams. In this post, we will shed ample light on profit-making ecommerce for services and would make an effort to bring a spate of ecommerce business models to come to light.

So, without much ado, let’s decipher the different types of ecommerce models.


As an ecommerce business model, dropshipping is getting quite popular these days. If you are interested in this business model, you don’t actually need a store to keep your merchandise. When a customer places an order, all you need to do is make apt arrangements for the product to reach the address of your customer.

Wholesale & Warehousing


An ecommerce business model which is actually based on this kind of business operations would be related to potential profit margins. It’s a business model that is focused on the B2B market. If you feel like opening up your own business in the form of wholesale and warehousing, you will need to find people or clients who would be looking to purchase products in huge bulk.


Private labelling & manufacturing

Private labelling & manufacturing happens to be a high yielding strategy in the fringe of ecommerce oriented services. As a matter of fact, there happens to be quite a surprising spate of ecommerce website in India that offers these services. If you would choose to create the best Ecommerce Platform which should be aligned with your brand image, then you can opt for an online private labeling and manufacturing storefront. In order to embark on this business model, you will need to team up with third-party manufacturers. If you manage to choose the right kind of private label products, then it should not take long for you to start counting torrents of money. And, in this case, you wouldn’t mind if the counting is long. Right?


White labelling

This one is also a noticeable trend in the form of ecommerce for business. White labelling is catching up with the best practices in the realm of ecommerce in India. This is something that is integrally associated with ecommerce remarketing and rebranding. While following this type of a business model, you can purchase a particular product as well as service, and make it a point to rebrand it more vehemently. If you want to make your move into this business model, then you should have the liberty to do away with the logo as well as brand name linked with a product or service. In its place, you can choose to use the brand name that a prospective purchaser would like to see or request.



Ecommerce business models which are actually based on subscriptions are touted to be the most profitable ones by industry experts. It’s believed to bring in a win-win scenario for customers as well as selling entities all over the globe. A close insight into the sphere of digital marketing and ecommerce in India would make it clear that the trend is a booming one. It’s in fact closely related to recurring ecommerce revenue streams which you can generate from your clients based on specific monthlyPsychology Articles, quarterly as well as yearly subscription time.




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