A single brand to conquer the world of time has passed

The focus of the Huayang force panoramic visual system, and synthesis system of the car unit last year, the the Huayang universal propaganda in addition to the secure electronic integration, “sound” is the highlight of, plus during the exhibition “Compass navigation Intel platform, “These new initiatives, I believe the Big Brother doing my part in the post-market forces.

Feng promise booth, integration of a good helper group car machine, network, security, e-advantage products

Very interesting this year, many booths opened up a “vehicle networking application, but not in a conspicuous location, as mortar auto show, car prices are usually inconspicuous corner of 56 square meters, placed in a” future technology Outlook electric vehicle technology or unmanned technology, although the concept of how advanced, how wonderful blueprint that was placed in an inconspicuous corner; car networking concept is to enjoy such treatment; networking service providers in addition to several car providers, the attitude of the other car machine manufacturers to car networking does not appear to be so “calm”, “3G”, “Andrews” concept fried very hot, but can not help but ask, this concept is equal to vehicle networking applications  But also networked with the car “just listen to the thunder but not to rain,” the status quo, but also with the communication network; 2012 Andrews break, is willing to Andrews, the spring breeze can disperse the landing vehicle networking haze “.

Song Airlines, as many companies have showed the layout in the direction of vehicle networking

At the same time to see the show, a single brand to conquer the world of time has passed, a single brand is not only not the formation of gradient markets, but is also very detrimental to the development of regional agency; Jie into the “eBay”, “easy,” Chang Lu “smooth,” “smooth new” Philco “INS”, “Gold Edition”, day margin fly rhyme, “the concept of” Chi coming in the clouds “, Huayang, a good helper and so on enterprises, but also the formation of clear line of products, a brand is usually derived series of three or four, 4S shop for traditional channels, as well as high-end concept of route; I took a look, “Andrews” platform products and with a car networking products also gradually sustain a series, while the majority of these two elements are interlinked, “Andrews” bring 3G applications, linked to the network again a key navigation, real-time traffic, and other complex applications; these products, overtly or dark on the enterprise product line, some companies do not want to mention, but for the marketing strategy, internal and has long been the “vehicle networking” occupies an important position.

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