About Pan Card in India


Anything that a government does comes under close scrutiny especially if it is by income tax department. When government of India the income tax department issued pan card same thing happened. People are apprehensive that it might lead to some kind of trouble.  But the pan number is issued in the favor of both.    It is a 10 digit alpha numeric permanent account number almost equal to National Identification Number. It is issued by the Income Tax Dept. of India under Central Board of Direct Taxes. The card also acts as identity proof. Indian citizens, NRI and persons of Indian origin all are eligible for the number. Though not mandatory on all occasions it is must for opening of a bank account, taxable salary and professional fees.  The main purpose is to stop tax evasion. Hence it is an identifier of all major transaction universally. The pan number is unique and permanent it is not affected by address or state shifts. The first four characters are letter and they denote the status if the person. Example “c” stands for company, ‘f’ for a firm,”g”for government etc. The last name or surname is denoted by the fifth character. The Income Tax department has authorized UTI Investor Services Ltd (UTIISL) to manage PAN Centers. The centers can be set up cities having Income Tax office and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL). The application is made using Form 49A which can also be downloaded from IT department or UTIISL or NSDL websites. Form 49 A is available at IT PAN Service centers and TIN Facilitation centers in cities of India. If application for PAN is made on Internet it is usually allotted faster provide payment has been paid through a nominated credit card. To find the status of application one can go to websites that offer the search tool. One can search by name, date of birth as well as acknowledge number. PrerequisiteAffix colored photograph (Stamp Size: 3.5 cms x 2.5 cms) on the Form.Copies of the following.Address proof as listed in Rule 114. Electricity or telephone bill. A bank account, ration card, driving license, employer certificate, passport and voter identity card. Certificate signed by MP/ MLA/Municipal Councilor / a Gazetted Officer ascertaining the address. Designation and code of Assessing Officer of IT dept has to be mentioned in Form 49A. This is obtained from your IT circle. For other applicants: Certificate of Registration issued by the Registrar of Companies or Registrar of Firms or Partnership Deed etcGreater information can be had from the official website.

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Uday writes often on how to track pan card status on the Internet. He also writes on prerequisites for pan card application in India. He also writes about NSDL India a Government body. Uday writes on Income Tax matters online.
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