Advantages to a Magento Platform for Your eCommerce Business

When you are starting out as an eCommerce business owner, or you want to rebrand and redesign your existing eCommerce site, it’s important to use the eCommerce platform that works best for you.

That’s where Magento comes into play! As a specific eCommerce platform, Magento is recommended for business owners who operate with a million dollars or more in yearly online sales. It also is a platform that allows for a host of customizable features; Magento is used by many of the world’s biggest brands for its flexibility in design. The best part of this for your eCommerce business is that as you expand and develop, and as your customers change and adapt, Magento’s flexibility allows you to adapt alongside them. Magento is top rated in class innovation due to the fact that it has the largest and most versatile customized extensions. This allows you to extend the features of your store as you want and as it works best for your business. However, even through an eCommerce specific platform, building an eCommerce site can be tricky for someone who isn’t an expert in website design and development, which is why you need a Magento developer.

How A Magento Developer Works
A Magento Developer will be able to skillfully navigate all the business and site processes used with Magento. This includes navigation and integration of promotions, SEO, price generations, payment and shipping methods, sales and order processing, functionality of the website, and integration of various applications. All of these processes are crucial to the smooth operating of your Magento eCommerce business. That’s why a Magento developer can be incredibly useful for your business. And not only will they be able to navigate the customizable features that Magento provides for business owners, but a certified Magento developer will be able make further customizations on the code level of your website to ensure maximum fluidity between your business’s needs and your site’s abilities.

At 1 Digital Agency, we are more than just eCommerce developers. We have been chosen by Magento to be one of their preferred partners as Magento developers, because we have the best developers in the eCommerce world. Not only can we help you create a customized and unique design that works best for your eCommerce business, but we also fix any problem and navigate any tricky situation that arises when you are working with a Magento eCommerce site. Our team of industry experts in Magento development can help with the custom design, development, and digital marketing for your eCommerce site. As preferred partners of Magento, we want to become partners with you and your business as well to help it grow beyond anything you ever hoped. When you choose to partner with 1 Digital Agency as your Magento developersFree Web Content, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to your project in order to keep you fully in the loop on your business. Contact us for a consultation today and let us help your business!

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