Affiliate and Internet Marketing – An Affiliate Newbies Guide to Survival


Affiliate marketing is the best way to start Internet marketing without any risk involved. You can promote other people’s products at no cost and most of the time the merchant will provide you tools and promotional materials proven to convert visitors into buyers.Although you can start right away, I don’t advise you to start before you know some fundamentals. In fact, affiliate marketing is a business and to be really successful, you need to understand some basics. You could earn some money, but you will earn more if you know what you should avoid.1. Affiliate marketing is not easyI know that people want to make you believe you will become rich this year, but it’s not the case. Many of the beginners will earn $300 to $1000 a month their first year while they are still learning and improving their marketing skills.2. Marketing planIf you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Be sure that you have a plan and daily tasks to achieve.3. Affiliate program selectionBe sure that the products you are going to promote converts before you start spending time and money in advertising.4. The right toolsYou will need a web hosting, a domain name, a website and autoresponders. Try to invest in the right tools to avoid complications in the future.5. EducationThe time and money you spend in education is even better than the money you spend to advertise your business because the more you know, the faster your business will grow.Plus the Internet changes so fast that you need to know what’s happening both in your market and in the Internet marketing world.6. Lack of patienceFor many, success will not come fast. It took me two years before I stared earning $1000 per month. When you reach this level, you have what it takes for a 6 figures business.

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