Affiliate Programs: Where to start


It works by the affiliate site having a link to the merchant’s website.  When this link is clicked the merchant’s site knows where the visitor has come from using a special tracking code.  This way if the visitor goes on to make a purchase, the affiliate will gain the commission.There are several ways an affiliate can gain commission form a merchant…Pay-per-sale is where the affiliate will gain commission when a sale has been made.  This is usually a percentage of the final shopping basket total but can be a fixed fee per item purchased.Pay-per-click is where the affiliate earns commission for each person that visits the site.Pay-per-lead is when a commission is earned by the affiliate sending someone to the site who then leaves their information that the merchant can use as a sales lead.Getting started in affiliate marketing is very easy thanks to on-line technologies becoming easier and easier.  All it takes is an Internet PC and you can even start without spending any additional money at all due to the number of free websites available on-line.Of course, if a free website is all you needed to be a successful Internet marketer everyone would do it.  To take things to the next level you will need a website of your own and from there you can start to make sales and earn money from your website.One easy, low cost way to get started is to host your own website blog and fill it regularly with interesting content, information and other “hooks” that will get people to visit your blogs and try and lean them to clicking on your links and banners.Using this method and adding basic Search Engine Optimisation techniques can be a very successful way to kick off your affiliate marketing campaign.

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II work on my health affiliate program and also like to blog on affiliate programs in general.
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