After Effective Goal Setting, You Are Left With A Map That CLEARLY Points You To The Pot Of Gold!…


People often underestimated the importance of goal setting, don’t be one of them. Wouldn’t it be great if you were handed a map that CLEARLY illustrates where you can find buried treasure? Well, start goal setting and you’ll have the equivalent. When you set CLEAR, SPECIFIC goals, you become excited by knowing EXACTLY how to get to the treasure!…Leaving you to just have to follow the map.”But goal setting is so hard”, I hear you say…Yeah it can be SOMETIMES, but the more and more you do it, the easier it becomes. But more importantly, it’ll eventually become a habit! And, instead of looking at goal setting as a tedious task, you’ll start to enjoy doing it! Besides, the mere fact that it isn’t ‘easy’, should encourage you because life is ‘designed’ in a way that the easier things DON’T yield the greatest results!The majority of people on this planet DON’T set goals, and guess what?… the majority of people’s life’s AREN’T where they want it to be. So let me give you a tip…Use the majority as a CONTRARY! In other words, do the opposite to what the majority would do. Obviously there are going to be exceptions to the rule!So basically, we need to set goals to achieve success, but…Are you clear on what it actually is you want to be successful at?LET’S PUT IT INTO PERSPECTIVEObviously, I would recommend everybody to carry out goal setting, but I must stress the importance of setting the right type of goals, in the right order. Put another way, it’s important to prioritise your goals. Does that make sense? NO…I better explain then…It makes absolutely NO sense goal setting to achieve buying a car stereo, when you don’t even have a car yet! I say this in reference to getting first things first, and this is never more so true, when it comes to planning out your DREAM life! I always urge people, before they set out to follow any type of self improvement strategies, to ensure that their foundational values are rock-solid because this effects everything you do!…In a nutshell, it’s incredibly important to build ROCK-SOLID foundations BEFORE you set off trying to rule the world. Please believe me, you’ll thank yourself for it, and me too, hopefully!Let’s move on…In wrapping up this article, I’ll quickly pinpoint what elements a good plan should have…Obviously, it should have a goal, and where possible, this goal should be broken down into smaller goals. The goals should be clear and precise. For example, I want to own five 6 bedroom detached houses by January 1st 2020. Achieving your goals should be doable, but not necessarily easy, and should have some logic and structure to it!I want you to bear this in mind…The MOST important goal you can ever set in life, is to live a passionate, meaningful, abundant, life!… Any goal that is not working towards achieving this, can’t be THAT important!

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