Amazon Account Suspension for Poor Account Performance

It’s essential to expand your retail operations when possible, Amazon provide you a platform through which you can directly connect with your buyers. Suspension is never an obstacle, it’s a pause which can be resumed by making a perfect appeal request to amazon team. Also for become a successful seller on Amazon, you need to be careful for amazon policies & account performance Metrics.

One of the things that Amazon sellers dread is the suspension of their Amazon account. The number of suspended Amazon accounts is erratically increasing over the years. With this being said, it’s no brainer that some sellers will fear for their accounts.

What Does A Suspended Account Mean?

The suspension is the temporary blocking of your account. Your operation at this point is temporarily halted. Plus, your reputation is tarnished, which can lead to poor sales and poor branding in the future. The good news is you can still appeal about this suspension. You just have to follow the Amazon plan of action, which can either be through the customer service or email channel.

What Does A Suspended Account Because Of “Poor Performance” Mean?

When your account is suspended because of performance, it means Amazon had noticed your poor “Seller Central Performance” metrics.”

Amazon wants their site to be top-notch; that means, your account should be top-notch too in terms of product delivery, product quality, customer service, responsiveness, and more.

If your Amazon account is suspended due to performance issues or some other issues, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and do something about it. Don’t dwell on the problem. Focus on the solution.

What Are Your Next Possible Actions?

Investigate why Amazon suspended your account in the first place. If your account was suspended due to poor performance, look for the previous warnings and notifications from Amazon about it.

Check your Seller Central Performance Metrics. If your metrics seems okay and doesn’t coincide with the notifications and warnings, communicate with an Amazon representative immediately. If your Seller Central Performance Metrics show some performance problems, keep tabs on those problems and communicate with an Amazon representative.

After an account investigation, find a way to talk to any of Amazon’s abled representatives: Provide them a clear picture of your problem. Try to answer their queries as clear as possible. Don’t ramble on about their system. Try not to sound too arrogant in offering unsolicited opinions and advice about their system.

Write them an email: Write short paragraphs. Try to write in bullets instead of long, complex paragraphs. To send your email, go to the Performance Notification section and click on your account suspension notice. Click the “Appeal” button on your account suspension notice.

Relax and patiently wait for their reply.

Moving ForwardFree Reprint Articles, What Can You Do to Prevent Future Account Suspensions?

Learn from Your Mistakes: Don’t repeat what you did that got you suspended in the first place.

Download Amazon’s App on Your Phone: Downloading the Amazon app on your smartphone will enable you to respond quickly to queries and problems from the stakeholders. Your responsive account will add to good account performance.

Carefully Inspect Your Listings for Flags: Double check your listing for hidden flags. Not doing something about these flags will lower your performance status.

Don’t Sell Fake And Illegally Reproduced Products: Counterfeit products may be cheaper but this perk is not worth the hassle if the consequence is getting your account suspended.

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