An In-Depth Look At Bad Credit Bank Accounts


A bad credit bank account is an account offered to customers who don’t qualify for a traditional account because of either bad credit or a negative chexsystems history. In many ways this type of account is just like a traditional bank account; you can use ATM’s, you can make purchases online, over the phone, and at various department stores using your debit card.Most banks offer these types of accounts to customers who don’t qualify for their other products, but before you go and sprint to your local bank and ask for one of these accounts there are some things you should know.1. There are MANY limitations on this type of account. For instance, you do not have access to checks.2. Your debit card WON’T ALLOW YOU TO SPEND if your account will go below a certain dollar amount.3. You PAY A MONTHLY FEE just for having the account, sometimes as high as $35/month! I call this the “shame on you fee”.4. You may have to PAY AN ACTIVATION FEE of up to $150 just for opening the account. This is like a security deposit for the bank just incase you overdraft and never pay it back.It is absolutely necessary to have a banking account in today’s fast paced world. A negative credit history can make obtaining one a difficult or impossible task. With the bad credit bank account option there is at least some hope of obtaining financial security.

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However, if you don’t find a bad credit bank
account all that affordable, I understand, I felt the exact
same way. What I found out though what that carrying cash and just
passing the whole checking account thing by was actually MORE expensive
then using a bad credit checking account. To learn more check out
and find out exactly how expensive carrying cash can be.
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