Are Credit Card Deals Really Advantageous?


There have always been great tempting credit card deals in America. It is part of our society’s culture of consumerism. These modern times feel like one is living in a big mall. It is a world full of product advertisements everywhere you turn. Each ad is enticing you to buy their product, to fit in, to feel good, and to be happy. Credit cards are the keys to this culture of consumerism. It enables flexibility of transaction, buying power. Plastic is not inherently evil, but there are real dangers that come along with it. That is why a lot of cards are practically dangled in your face with a gift or “good deal” strung along with it. As a consumer, you would probably prefer a card that has freebies or an extra remuneration in addition to the original benefits that the card. This is the proverbial cherry on top of your ice cream. But are these really worth it?Credit card deals come in all shapes and sizes. Some offer systems which allow you to accumulate points and exchange them for free items. The more points you accumulate, the better and bigger your prize can be. There are also discounts or rebate offers. The discounts you get are usually limited to a certain range of items. The rebates on the other hand are cash back guarantees triggered during certain conditions or purchases. But some of these so called “cash” rebates do not come in cash but in coupons so it isn’t all that different from the points reward system or discounts.The simple fact that these are free is the biggest thing that makes the deal seem sweet. But these free gifts are limited to a certain pre set group of items. And the fact is, you might not really need any of these free items. Here’s a common situation: Say your friend’s card offers a sound system and he tells you about how he got it for free. Let’s say you get so hyped up on hearing about free giveaways that you go out and get the same card deal, settle your expenses with that card and get that free sound system. But then you realize that you already have a sound system, which might not be as good as the new one but still works fine nonetheless. In the final analysis, what these deals really promote is unnecessary spending. It might have been a great deal for your friend because he needed the free sound system, but it was not a good deal for you because you ended up with a mere luxury item you could have lived without. What this hypothetical example teaches us is that the attraction of credit card deals should be scrutinized. Remember that it is only a good deal if it is something that you specifically need.

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