Are There Any Sleep Apnea Solutions That Reduce the Symptoms?

There are different sleep apnea solutions that could help a person suffering from this syndrome, some more known, and others not so widely used. In search for the best sleep apnea solutions the best approach is to study all of them and see what is the one that fits your particular needs.

1. The first solution that comes to mind when dealing with apnea would be the CPAP, which is short for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. This method is mechanical in that it unblocks the airways pushing the air straight into the mouth of the patient through a tube that comes from the CPAP machine. The machine produces air under pressure like the ones in hospitals, but it is more compact.

The effect of this method is undeniable, many using it, especially those with severe cases of apnea. But there are also disadvantages. It is difficult to wear a mask stripped on your face all the night. That can lead to irritations or skin conditions, depending on the type of mask used.

2. Another sleep apnea solution is the lifestyle change, which could be used together with CPAP method, or alone. That depends on the severity of apnea. Obesity has been proved by many studies to be linked with sleep apnea. Losing weight, even a small amount can help with this condition.

Other changes that can be made in lifestyle are the elimination of alcohol and smoking. Drugs should also be taken out.

3. Using a sleep apnea pillow can be of a real help for those who suffer from OSA and who sleep on the back. The position of the body during the sleep is important. A specially designed pillow can be used to keep the person from sleeping on the back. Some people are very happy with this solution.

4. Sleep apnea solutions include the IOD or Inter Oral Device, which is a small appliance used in sleep apnea treatments that is placed in the mouth before sleeping and has been designed in such a way that the throat will remain open. If you have problems using a CPAP mask then it is an option you can try. They may at first produce excess saliva and also a degree of gum and tooth pain. They come in different shapes and a doctor should be consulted to choose one.

Of course, there are other sleep apnea solutions that could be helpful to reduce the symptoms of SAS or even give you a normal life. That means a good nigh sleepPsychology Articles, which will wake you up the next morning with enough energy to carry on all the tasks that you have for an ordinary day at job and home.

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