Australian Open – A Dream Final, Its Nadal Against Federer


Roger Federer defeated a game and determined Andy Roddick in three straight sets, 6-2, 7-5, 7-5 as he arranged a showdown with Rafael Nadal who was tested to the limit by his countryman Fernando Verdasco as they engaged in a five set match with Nadal scoring a (4) 6-7, 6-4, 7-6 (2), (1) 6-7, 6-4 victory. As contrasting as Federer and Nadal’s styles of play may be, they also had contrasting fortunes in the manner that they were able to reach the Australian Open men’s tennis final match.Federer had his most difficult game in the fourth round when Tomas Berdych of the Czech Republic almost ousted the former no. 1 player of the world with a 4-6, (4) 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 6-2. Federer appeared erratic and frustrated with himself when he lost the first two sets as Berdych’s game fired from all cylinders. Fatigue finally caught up with Berdych as he lost the next three sets. Federer than demolished Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina in the quarterfinals with a 6-3, 6-0, 6-0 win. It was the most convincing performance for Federer in the tournament. That set up the match with Roddick.Avid fans of the sport were wishing for a Federer versus Nadal final. And the viewing public got their wish. Although Roddick tried to play a spoiler’s role  to prevent such a match to take place. Roddick hired a new coach in Larry Stefanki to help him get back  to his winning form. He lost some weight, looked trimmer and moved faster. He also has reached a level of competition maturity, when before he would get flustered and fret when things do not go  his way, now he sticks to his plan and moves on. He showed improvement as he battled Novak Djokovic and was leading two sets to one when Djokovic retired. Unfortunately for Roddick though, Federer regained his touch and when he began to challenge two line calls and was proven right in the first set, it became an omen for Roddick of bad things to come.Nadal became untouchable throughout his run in the tennis tournament. He didn’t lose a set in any of his matches. But he was aware of Verdasco’s improved game as the two men played in the Davis Cup for their country, Spain. And it was a cause of concern for him. Their match started with Verdasco producing some impeccable shot making, service and on court strategy as he made Nadal lose his first set in the tournament. Nadal then produced his own version of a beautiful game as he snatched the second, third and fifth set from Verdasco. The final point of the match proved that Verdasco still has a lot to do when it came to dealing with intense pressure when he double faulted to award the winning point to Nadal.People can thank Verdasco for his performance as it meant Nadal had to work harder to claim the win. How much of Nadal’s energy has been spent before he faces Federer for the dream title match remains to be seen.  But fans are hoping that the two men shall produce the same quality of tennis that they witnessed during the Wimbledon final. Whoever wins the match, it’s the sport of tennis that shall gain the most.Check out the live tennis scores at

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