Auto Gasoline Cards – Compare Gas Rebate Credit Cards

Which gasoline station to run to?
Usually, gas rebate credit cards give rebates each time you make a
purchase from selected gasoline stations.  Therefore, you should check
whether the credit card’s affiliate gas station is the one you often
purchase from.

the affiliate gasoline station accessible to your daily route?  Would
you need to go out of your way just to purchase gas from that
particular gas station?  If so, then it would be difficult for you to
get the most out of your gas credit card.

There are gas rebate cards that allow
you to earn rebates from all gas purchases regardless of which gas
station you purchased from.  Thus, you are given the flexibility and
convenience to get more from your gas credit card wherever you are.

Additional rewards options

Aside from gas rebates, there are gas
reward credit cards that also award points or cash back bonuses from
other types of purchases.  This is a great feature because it gives you
the option to use your gas reward credit card even at groceries or drug
stores while still earning points.
Redeeming your rewards

How would you be able to redeem the
rebates you earned?  Some gas reward credit cards would credit your
rebate to your account so you can use it in paying off your monthly
balances.  Some gas cards grant the reward in the form of gift
certificates that you can use to make new gas purchases, avail of car
repair services or buy goods from selected stores.  In any case, check
the gas card’s terms in redeeming your points and see if it suits your

Interest Rates and Other Costs

What about the other credit card
costs?  Although most gas reward credit cards do not charge an annual
fee, you should watch out for the high interest rates.  Of course,
you’ll want to choose a gas rebate credit card with a reasonable rate
of interest.  If the gas card has a low APR or a zero interest rate as
an introductory offer, see to it that the rate will remain reasonable
or affordable even after the promo period expires.  Lastly, make it a
habit to pay off your monthly balance in full not only to avoid the
additional interest rate and penalty charges, but also to avoid
forfeiting the rewards you’ve earned.

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