so purchase what you can afford that’s the first auto insurance coverage recommendation. This will not only give you peace of mind at that moment when you are taking insurance cover but also at the time when you face any uncertain accident or risk. Insurance cover lays a liability over the state to protect its people from any damage or loss in near future but there might be some personal limitations that state may have to deal with.For coverage of bodily injury, property damage uninsured motorist ,medical payments and other depending on the state we must choose that amount up to which we expect maximum insurance cover in near future .for the coverage that has deductible(comprehensive collision etc you must choose the amount of money that  you might have to pay if you use the coverage in near future. There may be other factors that might determine our recommendations such as marital status of some ones family or number of members that have driving license above the age of 25 etc.Well such factors would determine that how much insurance cover you need to take to protect your family from any risk. Other factors such as what is the current value of your vehicle? Or is your car leased financed or owned would determine that whether you need physical damage coverage and the amount of money that you might have to pay at the time of loss. There are endless recommendations but this would differ from person to person in my opinion. Auto insurance takes all these points into considerations and all takes care that they provide the cheapest source to its insurers. Law  does not accepts any ignorance hence if you are the drivers new or old you must take care that bodily insurance cover will pay for medical bills of the person who has suffered the loss  and if someone has suffered property damage then insurance company will pay for the repair and replacement of other persons property .collision insurance covers the cost and repair of the car that was involved in accident .this ways there are thousand of insurance covers can be availed  from the insurance company.

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