B2B Appointment Setting : 3 Golden Rules to Succeed

B2B appointment setting isn’t the easiest of tasks, but one can improve
the success rates drastically by following 3 simple guidelines.

There’s something about B2B appointment setting that makes it an imperative
addition to all business plans of action. However, it’s one of the most
difficult parts of business development as well, often serving as the Achilles’
heel of the overall marketing mix. As mentioned earlier, there’s no way around
it as well, since one has to talk to the prospect before making a sale. If one
can’t get on the phone, they can’t get in front of the client, and if that
can’t happen, they certainly can’t be any chance of getting the message across.
In other words, it’s not about presenting the proposal, but the build-up to the
presentation stage that’s the roadblock.

However, there are some simple tactics that can be used to improve
results from B2B lead generation campaigns, and the good news is that these are
not exclusive to any particular industry. All kinds of organizations can
utilize these guidelines just as easily. To begin with, the attitude of the
caller should be far from the ‘please take this deal or else this is the end of
the world for me’. Prospects across all kinds of industry verticals
categorically despise this kind of attitude, since it reeks of fear. This,
unfortunately, leads to the assumption that the product or service being
offered is not a strong product. The caller needs to project confidence at all
times, something like ‘I’m not perturbed if you choose to not take my deal.
There are plenty others who’ll benefit from it’.

The next point with regards to effective B2B appointment setting is to
talk to the prospect as if the deal is going to benefit them, and ‘also’ help
the caller reach his business objective, and not the other way around. The
moment a prospect thinks that the person he’s talking to is just in it for
fulfilling his selfish interest, that sets the alarm bells ringing. Within the
first few seconds, one needs to show the customer that this deal is a great
proposition, without overdoing it of course.

And lastly, B2B appointment setting campaigns are often tremendous
successes because the callers give references of how similar clients have
benefited from their offerings. This might seem like overselling the product or
service, but nothing makes the pitch stronger than a few names, even if they
are not so famous. People love to hear case studies, and knowing how the
offering can help them replicate the same in their line of business.

Summing it upPsychology Articles, these three rules can help one get tremendous results
with regards to appointment setting.

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