B2B Appointment Setting: Get That Contact

getting the right leads is of no use until and unless closures are done. This
is precisely the reason B2B appointment setting is being given so much
importance, since one can never ignore the tremendous benefits of this

Appointment setting, in its basic context,
is a marketing tactic that is intended at increasing the chances of contact
with the prospect. As the name implies, this practice is used in the B2B
domain. B2B appointment setting is the final step that separates a lead and a
customer, in most of the cases. The reason is that more often than not, it’s
better if one can talk to the person who is the decision making authority in an
organisation, rather than communicate via emails or phone calls.

It also opens doors for long term associations,
and an increasing number of organisations that were driving great sales from
internet or telemarketing are now outsourcing B2B appointment setting to
ensure that they can leverage their existing business relationship and go the
extra mile. The most general practice of sales generation in the B2B domain is
via telemarketing, i.e., cold calling. This refers to the process which relies
on the element of surprise, i.e., the person would not know when he/she is
going to receive a call during the day. However, this has resulted in a lot of
negative feedback, as prospects feel that their privacy is being invaded, since
they are often interrupted in their schedule. This argument is all the more
valid if the target audience is the upper management.

To tackle this situation, B2B appointment
setting services are often outsourced to agencies that are experts in the same.
This is also a better option since businesses don’t often have the time,
resources or manpower to try and close sales. Hence, it’s better to let the
experts do the job and pass on the appointments to the sales team, which can
then focus on solidifying the proposition. The business, too, can devote its
attention to improving the product or service, and in developing new offeringsPsychology Articles,
resulting in a win-win solution for all.

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