B2B Appointment Setting: The Gatekeeper Dilemma

are often seen as the proverbial obstacles in the  B2B appointment setting process. However, if one tackles them with tact, they can be great assets.

process of B2B appointment setting requires a lot of tact and expertise, but
there are still some elements that are constantly volatile and regardless of
how much one plans ahead, they always seem to bother and serve as constant
hindrances. One such aspect of the overall chain is the gatekeeper, the
proverbial grumpy security guard who just won’t let you pass, and doesn’t seem
to have any reason for his/her actions! However, since the roadblock is going
to be there in any case, it’s better to know how to get past it.

of all, it’s essential to understand that while one sees the gatekeeper as an
obstacle, he/she would obviously have other jobs at hand as well. So, being
polite is the first most important step. It’s obvious that the other party
would not be as courteous, but then again, if one has to get the job done, it’s
important to make the extra effort. There’s only so much information that can
be transmitted if one is being aggressive. The trick is to get the information
across with tact, so that at least the other person sees that by letting the
call through, he/she would not be reprimanded by the senior person, who is
already very busy.

also important to know where the person who is the gatekeeper, stands in the
company structure. This helps in modifying the calling script and helping the
other person do his/her own job. Quite obviously, if he/she is not in a
position to help the firm make headways in the
B2B appointment setting process,
there’s not use knocking on the wrong doors. Instead, the person can be
politely asked to redirect the call to someone who can take it to the next
level. By employing such simple tacticsComputer Technology Articles, one can achieve greater success
without having to struggle.

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