Back Acne Solutions – Don’t Turn Your Back on This Condition

Back acne solutions are mostly the same as those used for pimples that appear in the face. The skin on our backs, though, can take stronger formulas that our face might not be able to tolerate. Aside from medications, there are also a number of ways by which we can prevent back pimples.

Some people do not bother with back acne solutions since they feel that the zits will just disappear on their own. There is also the fact that no one else can see them unless you take off your top. But just because it’s not visible does not mean that it should not be cured. If we ignored it, there’s a chance that it could get worse and spread into other parts of the body.

Pimples at the back can be caused by hormonal imbalance, poor hygiene, stress and other habits that also cause facial zits. The most common culprit, though, is sweat. If you work out or you are into strenuous physical activities, then it is expected that you would perspire more than the average person. Sweat, particularly if you didn’t immediately wipe it off, can dry out on the skin and cause the pores to clog, leading to skin breakouts.

What to do? There are simple steps that can help you prevent acne or avoid aggravating it if you are already a victim of the zit. First, don’t wear tight-fitting clothes. Tight clothes prevent the skin from “breathing,” effectively trapping sweat and causing it to clog the pores. The type of cloth that you wear can also play a role. If you have acne on the back, avoid wearing rough clothing. Cotton will be the kindest for your back, particularly during the summer when the heat is at its most intense.

When it comes to medication, oral antibiotics, such as tetracycline, are the most common solutions prescribed by doctors for back pimples. Topical creams with benzoyl peroxide or formulas with salicylic acid are also options that dermatologists might recommend, although they will likely tell you to use a liberal amount, or at least, more than what you apply to your face if you also have facial acne.

If you prefer a more natural solution, dab tea tree oil on the affected areas of the back. This could minimize the breakouts and can even help soften the skin on your back. Lye soap is also good at curing back pimples. However, you need to ask your dermatologist whether this would be ideal for you since it could cause skin burns if used too much or too often. The use of lye would depend on the type of your skin.

Aside from medications and proper clothing, hygiene should also be a focus when it comes to treating back acne. Change your bed sheets regularly or as often as possible since these sheets can provide a home to a host of bacteria that could make your condition worse. Showering regularly, particularly after a workout or a strenuous activity, should also be at the top of your remedy list.

Back acne solutions should combine medication, proper hygiene and correct selection of clothing. The pimples on your back are not much different from the ones that you might see on your faceArticle Submission, both should be treated and both should be consulted with a dermatologist or a skin specialist.

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