Bank of America – Efectiva Visa

The credit cards from Bank of America have a great reputation in market for their flexibility and rewards. From the Bank of America – Efectiva Visa is a credit card perfectly suited to those of you expecting a bit more than usual out of your card. This credit card company delivers bilingual services and communicates to both the English and Spanish population while meeting their extensive needs.

There are plenty of rewards attached to Efectiva Visa card, which can make your life happier than before. The Visa card, issued by FIA Card Services, N.A., allows you the advantage of an attractive cash back reward program.

Point Details

The card by Bank of America – Efectiva Visa has a phenomenal rewards program. Rarely do you get such a great cash back reward program at a reasonably low interest rate. Take a look at the details of the points to be won:

§         As you make net monthly purchases of $100, you earn a point and every point means $1 back to you. That amounts to 1% rebate on all your purchases.

§         Your first purchase earns you 5 bonus points.

§         You receive an additional 5 points for every $2500 net monthly balance transfers made from non-Bank of America accounts.

§         The most profitable aspect of the rewards program is that it starts at just 25 points (your points are redeemed with increments of 25 and there is no annual cap on point redemption). Everytime you earn 25 points, you receive either $25 check or the amount is credited to your account.

If you are one who usually carries a large balance every month, then Bank of America – Efectiva Visa credit card is just the card for you for it offers a low interest rate. You will make nice savings from the low rate of interest. Go through the information below to find more:

§         For the first six billing cycles, Efectiva Visa offers you a 0% introductory rate, which is applicable on the purchases, balances transfers and cash advance checks

§         The card charges you no annual fee and you are not even required to pay anything for balance transfers.

§         As soon as your introductory rate expires, you will be introduced to a reasonably low APR (the rate will be variable) for purchases and balance transfers

Through Bank of America – Efectiva Visa card you can avail some of the typical benefits and servicesScience Articles, which include:

§         Total Security Protection – offers you a free package security features. You will not bear any responsibility for unauthorized transactions. You will also have purchase guard and purchase replacement service.

§         Various Internet account related services.

§         Discounts on Automobile Rentals

§         Travel and emergency assistance services

§         A Mini Card

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