Beidou navigation system terminal products and solutions

With the world’s leading technology research and development center, first-class management team and excellent product quality, Desaixiwei has become a major domestic and foreign well-known car manufacturer of long-term friendly and cooperative partnership, supporting customers covering Europe, America, Japan, Korea, own brand market share in the domestic industry is always in the forefront. Independent brand SVAUTO “by close attention to user needs, providing innovative technology, high-quality car multimedia regulatory level navigation entertainment system, allowing users to enjoy the perfect pleasure of driving pleasure.

Desaixiwei start looking Beidou navigation user experience Action

“The devil” experimental cast car rules level “quality Desaixiwei into the navigation market mainstay

Through the 26 anniversary of the Desaixiwei as the world’s leading automotive electronics overall solutions provider, and China’s auto electronics industry to create collar Desaixiwei the earliest awarded ISO/TS16949 automotive industry professional quality management system certification, ISO14001 one of the automotive electronics business and the of OHSAS18001 environment, occupational health and safety management system certification and certificate of Ford Q1. Desaixiwei experimentation center was established according to national standards has been recognized by the Volkswagen, General Motors, Ford and other multinational car firms, in 2007, the ISO/IEC17025: 2005 finds that the domestic auto electronics industry’s leading national experimental center .

The lab is equipped with in line with national and European standards, EMC electromagnetic radiation and radiation immunity test chamber such as the world’s most advanced laboratory equipment. Desaixiwei produced a product will be in the laboratory after 150 tests, such as the EMC electromagnetic radiation and interference immunity, EMI testing, three-axis vibration, light, and wavelength, key durability test, high and low temperature test, apart from outside, but also Desaixiwei product road test experiments, until now, the total mileage of road tests has more than 600 thousand kilometers, the amount of data collected over 35GB. Stringent experimental standards to ensure that all Desaixiwei the products fully comply with the regulatory level of the car standard. The product “zero defect” has become legendary, in many Desaixiwei supporting manufacturers and award ceremony car dvd and car gps at the 13th China Patent Award “based on the GPS voice navigation car audio processing device” utility model patents in one fell swoop won the “China Patent Gold Award. “

The face of the navigation products market was mixed, Desaixiwei through their “car rules class standards of product quality has become a mainstay of the navigation market, and to provide consumers with the perfect quality car regulation level navigation boutique.

 For the full implementation of the Central Committee General Office of the Chinese Communists in the sale “on the depth of learning from Lei Feng activities and party committees relevant documents of the provincial government authorities, Fujian Province, directly under the authority of the Communist Youth League Committee and the Commission of Communist Party of Fujian Information Bureau on April 20, 2012 May 5, 2012 jointly launched a poverty schools for government support to donate a dictionary, open sesame door to large-scale social welfare activitiesPsychology Articles, and called on the community to learn from Lei Feng

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