Benefits of Using a Business Credit Card Machines


or a business owner, being accept credit card payment from buying customers is a must.  Not offering this mode of payment can actually discourage an interested customer from making a purchase.  However, in order accept credit card transactions, a company must first apply for a merchant account.  As soon as approved, the merchant must use a business credit card machine to start processing each transaction.In this article, let us talk about tips on how you can choose the right business credit card processing machine seller.  Listed below are essential factors that business owners must consider:Make sure it’s PCI Compliant.  Does the credit card machine meet the qualifications set by the PCI (Payment Card Industry compliant)?  Be sure to purchase your credit card machine from a company that strictly observes the guidelines required by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).Check with your business credit card processing service provider.  Your credit card processing company may offer to sell or lease credit card machines as part of the deal.  Be sure to request for a discount or a low rate from your merchant account provider.  Remember, a merchant account company will not volunteer to give you a discount unless you make the request.Installation and use.  Will your merchant account provider give assistance with the installation of your credit card processing machine?  It is very important that you know the correct steps in using the equipment as improper usage may cause you to incur extra charges or cause your credit card transaction to get declined.Check with the BBB.  Make sure that your chosen business credit card processing company has clear records with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Sometimes, even with legitimate companies, getting complaints from clients may be unavoidable.  In case you discover complaints filed against the merchant provider from previous clients, see to it that those cases have been well resolved.To lease or not to lease.  If you have a limited budget and purchasing a credit card machine right away is not an option, you may consider leasing equipment instead.  Nevertheless, if your budget allows and purchasing is possible, it may be more practical to make a one-time payment rather than lease a machine or pay in monthly installments.Check for Warranty.  If you are going to purchase a business credit card machine, be sure to check the Warranty conditions of the seller.  Never purchase if no Warranty Service is provided.  See to it that you understand the terms of use and the warranty condition.Buy your own supplies.  You can find credit card machine merchants that offer bundle packages at fixed monthly rate.  For example, your merchant account service provider may also offer to supply you with credit card machine and other accessories like paper rolls or printing heads on a regular basis.  While at first glance, this offer may seem like a good deal, you may be able to save more money if you buy your credit card machine supplies from a separate office supply wholesaler.

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