Blinking Red Lights on Xbox 360-what are the causes and solutions


Those who have played or play Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will be accustomed with the phrase ‘red ring of death’. But for the amateur, the ‘red ring of death’ is defined by the four lighted arcs on the Xbox console’s front that, when they flash red, not green, may mean trouble with the gamebox in several forms.  Each red arc indicates a different problem, so the ‘trouble’ could spell something like a simple one like an incorrect connection or a serious total hardware failure. The common troubles and suggested actionsA blinking second arc or quadrant, for example, means the console is overheating, so there is no choice but to switch it off, unplug it off the power source and let it sit to cool off for for a while.  If the third quadrant is blinking, it could be hardware failure, so simply switch off, remove and reinsert all connections but if the blinking returns, take the gamebox to your repair center. When the AV cable is not connected well, the four lights will blink. Take off the cable and reinsert it until there is the audible ‘click’ . If all arcs except one are blinking, you have a general hardware failure and the repair center is your earliest destination.A general failure is usually boded by freezing screens, lines in the screen, graphics errors or problems with the audio. The console may react only to power on and off. Such errors may be caused by any or a few of the components, but it can mean likewise that not enough power is being received, either due to external power source fluctuations or the power cable being not perfectly attached to the system.Another problem is scratched disc indicated with fine rings. It began in 2005, and were reported mainly by European users, even though many considered it a trivial glitch. However Microsoft was sued in 2007 in Florida for ‘negligent design and manufacture’ of the Xbox, while two other law firms in California and Washington also have filed class lawsuits for the same reason. The likely reasons and recommendationsOne cause for general failure advanced by experts was failure of the solder joints. The joints may be structurally weak because the lead-free solders may not have melted completely, owing to too many chips that absorb the heat while soldering. Prolonged use created ample heat that could dissolve the solders, allowing the mother board to warp and flex, unseating it.Some quick solutions include reseating the dislodged units or lowering the heat generated by switching to 65 nm, better done in a Xbox repair center. The user also has some options to quick-fix the problem. Three flashing rings but green light on the power supply unit: no option except repair. Red power supply light that turns orange or goes out when the console is switched on, plug to another outlet. . This is to see if only the power is at fault. If the condition does not change, you may need to get a new power unit. Moving the console while the disc is spinning, wrong disc placement, or faulty disc tray are the common causes of scratched discs. Most faults are of the user’s.

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