Can A Small Business CEO Use Six Sigma?


Small business CEO often consider using Six Sigma, but many believe it to be too difficult, too long and too expensive. In reality, the Six Sigma system can work for any small business, since the desired result is always the same: to satisfy customers in order to increase the bottom line.Some small business CEOs find Six Sigma confusing but in fact it is essentially a problem solver not a problem creator. When people have problems they usually solve or brainstorm ideas and ways to mitigate or eliminate the problem. Of course, sometimes the biggest obstacle to the business side is the identification of the problem.The first step in the Six Sigma method is to identify the problem, we take a simple trip to the supermarket to show an example of how the method works.First of all, everyone needs to eat, so everyone has to go to a store at some point in their lives in order to get goods to take home, cook, and eventually eat. The first step is identifying the problem: the refrigerator is empty so we have to go to the store. Now the problem and the solution are identified.The next step is to make a list of what is needed at the store; analyze the cupboards and refrigerator to see what sort of goods are missing and or needed. Then create a list of potential foods and goods the household needs. Once a list is made, the plan to go to the store can be established.Once at the store, improvements are made by adding items to the shopping cart based on the list that was written before arriving. Comparing prices and or sale items versus non-sale items does this, sometimes it is cheaper to buy in bulk but the bulk food has to be used within a certain period of time.After all the goods are put in the basket it’s time to go to the cashier, which is the output of the whole process, the output is the food that you have just purchased. After unpacking your food at home and putting everything away, more improvements can be made by looking at the receipt and making sure it matches what has been bought.The following week, the same scenario will play out all over again. Now ask yourself, can a CEO of small company use Six Sigma? Absolutely, even with a simple example like a trip to the grocery store, one can see that the method works, for anyone and for any company.

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