Car Insurance for Teenagers


•    Buy a second hand or low value car to be used by the teenager and insure the same.•    Keep fancy accessories to a minimum and do not add any modifications to the existing car•    Shop around and compare premium rates by obtaining several quotes from various insurance companies.•    Install all kinds of security measures in the car. This would also be helpful in case of an accident. •    Drive less. Allow the teenager to drive only where necessary, the lower is the distance traveled, lesser is the premium amount charged. •    Make sure that your teen is a careful driver and send them to a driving school if required. •    Higher grades in school reflect on the overall performance of an individual which can help in lowering premiums.•    List the teenager as an occasional driver in the insurance policy, if the policy is in your name.   Although the above mentioned points would help in lowering the premium levels while purchasing teen car insurance, basic safety rules and safe driving need to emphasized by parents right from the start. Start by practicing what you preach. Remember to follow safety rules while driving yourself, as teenagers tend to follow their parents indirectly. Show responsible behavior and insist on following responsible driving. This will help in the long run to avoid your teenager from getting into serious mishaps or accidents. A large number of teenage accidents can be fatal and it needs to be emphasized that a qualified driving course which teaches basic safety rules be joined before venturing out on the road. Get safety devices installed and teach them not to drive at all when drunk or while drinking. Drinking and driving is an offence and if you are underage, then this could lead to serious consequences. If your teen does not understand these basic safety precautions which need to be taken then it is best under such circumstances to avoid gifting them a car or allowing them to drive.      

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