Carpet Cleaning: Setting Up A Residential Appointment


Looking down at stains and discolorations could be a signal that your home is overdue for a carpet cleaning. You could rent the equipment and take on the job yourself but that is often a time and energy waster. You don’t always have the necessary tools to get the job done right and after all the hard work the carpets could still be looking dirty. Check out these tips for setting up a residential appointment with the professionals.Choosing the right time:Many carpet cleaning companies offer a variety of appointments on the weekdays, the weekends, and sometimes, even into the early evening. Schedule a time that fits into your schedule. Someone must be there to let the cleaners in although they can finish up and lock the house without assistance when the work is done. Remember that even when the appointment is completed, the carpets are still going to be wet. Try to schedule your appointment during a time when no one will be home. You can show up, let the professionals in and then head back to work. Give the carpet cleaning materials as much time as possible to dry in order to get the best results. If you are going to be home soon, remember to walk around in clean socks and avoid the wet areas as best as possible.Get Prepared:Once you have scheduled an appointment, make a list of all the things that need to be done in advance. The area needs to be cleared in order to give the professionals the most room to maneuver during the carpet cleaning. Make sure that there is a clear pathway into the house for all of the equipment. Pick up any clutter that would hinder their work.Try to expose as much of the carpets as possible. For example, in the bedroom, pick up the trashcan, any type of laundry baskets, or other items that can easily be placed on top of the bed. Sometimes, you may want to move smaller furniture out of the room. This is especially the case if you have something fragile or you believe that it might leave a stain on the floor. (Some wood finishes, once wet, can leave a stain on the floor.)Talk to the carpet cleaning company about the furniture. Sometimes, they will be willing to lift up the edges of things, like a couch, and place special covers over the legs. If you are looking to have the entire area cleaned, consider moving all of the furniture onto some tile or wood flooring until the work has been done and the space has dried.It is always a great feeling to get your home in order and clean. Schedule your appointment in advance, at a time that works well for you. The more time the area has to dry, the better. Then, get everything ready to get the most out of this professional service.

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