Cash in by cashing out.

Time value of money
Inflation eats away at the value of the dollar. A simple example is the cost of a movie ticket, just a $1 in 1969 and today you could pay as much as $15. Just imagine what your movie ticket will cost in 10, 20,30 years. Your money today, invested today, could keep pace or even outpace inflation with careful planning and investing.

Emotional value of now vs. waiting
Receiving payments regularly over time can be convenient for some and inconvenient for others. Maybe the money is a reminder of some loss? Perhaps the amount is so insignificant that it is frustrating. Even more likely, the financial experienced right now is taking a destructive emotional toll. Turning future payments into the money you need today is a viable option for emotional reasons.

Opportunity knocking
A lump sum of money can mean taking advantage of time sensitive opportunities. A home, a business, schooling, investments, made possible by cashing in a schedule of smaller payments spread out over time. It’s not always the best choice, but sometimes it is the right choice. Unforeseen circumstances lead to unexpected opportunities that with the right resources could reap exceptional dividends.

After discussing 3 ways to win by cashing in future installment payments, it is proper to touch on a few ways you might lose by cashing out. No more regular payments, no more guaranteed payments, the burden of properly handling a large lump sum of cash, and the procedure for accelerating your payments are all considerable reasons to not cash out. When it comes to matters of money, what you do matters. You can cash in by cashing outArticle Search, just take care that you don’t end up cashless.

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