Caught in a Spyware Trap


Many people encounter attacks, like virus and spywares, online. More and more are becoming victims every day. One instance is when you are shopping online. You create an account, agree to the store policies and enter your credit card number and personal information and buy it without you knowing that some programs are installed in your computer while you are shopping. These programs are so-called spyware which is responsible for transmitting personal information to a third party without your knowledge and explicit consent.Some spyware are transferred to your computer legally because you actually allow it to be installed. You might not be aware that you agreed but you did. Some spyware slows down your system, steals confidential information, or compromises the security of your PC. Viruses come in single package such as .EXE file but multiplies quickly. As soon as the suspicious software is executed, it will also deploy many of other files into your PC. Some are hidden files that are hard to find and remove. Some do the action that it finds and sends out personal data immediately. Once you connect your infected laptop to your company’s network, the spyware will search through your files and sends your usernames and passwords to a third party. Some spyware records and sends out your keystrokes as you are logging into Internet sites or sensitive areas of your company’s information systems. Other spyware downloads more components into your system eating more network bandwidth.Here are the types of spyware:1. Adware – A type of software that makes profits for the vendor or partners of the vendor through advertising targeting the user of the PC on which the adware is installed.2. Dialer – A piece of code redirecting Internet connections to a party other than the user’s Internet Security Provider to acquire connection charges for a content provider, vendor, or other third party.3. Password Crackers – A code designed allowing a legitimate user or administrator to recover lost or forgotten passwords from accounts or data files. If the attacker gets the password crackers at hand, your PC is in danger because it will allow them to access your confidential information. This will threaten your security and privacy.4. Key-logger – A software program that will capture the keystrokes you entered on the computer to steal information such as IDs and passwords. The said information is stored in a file that can be retrieved or transmitted to a hacker to access to private company information.5. Joke – A piece of software with no malicious payload or use. It even does not impact security or privacy states but may alarm or annoy you.Follow the following steps to avoid spyware:1. Always update your browser and operating system.2. Use a firewall.3. Use an updated anti-virus and anti-spyware program.4. Read privacy policies carefully before installing software.5. Use a web browser that is less targeted, like Mozilla Firefox.6. Be careful in downloading free software.7. Use a regular account for day-to-day work and administrator account only when installing updates, etc.8. Don’t click on links in your email that comes from unknown user.9. Beware of pornography, online gambling, get-rich-quick, and other high-risk web sites.Most of the computers have some form of spyware. Some are not aware that they have these spyware on their computers not knowing what to do about it. PC users must be careful when having transactions online because they may acquire a spyware that will steal their personal information threatening their security and privacy. If you think that your PC is harmed with a spyware, contact Techie Now. We can offer you our virus and spyware removal services. Techie Now is here to service your PC at your convenience.

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