Causes of occurrence and solutions to troubleshoot http Image Upload Error In WordPress

All these troubleshooting solutions are simple; you don’t need assistance in this. Even after following these if not getting any result, then try seeking the help of the experts.

There are times when users get an error while uploading the files or images to the media library in WordPress. For many beginners, this can be frustrating as they’re not able to upload the images. The occurrence of HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress can interrupt the flow of work, so it needs to be rectified immediately. Let’s first understand what this error is all about and what causes it, so that rectify the problem with ease.

What causes this error to occur?

Various reasons can cause HTTP error. It could be related to the memory limitation or the browser’s cache. Therefore, it’s important to check whether this error is a temporary one or not. So, try to upload the file or image once again to check this. If this error doesn’t get resolved, then you must these below mentioned troubleshooting methods:

Solutions to fix the error

It has been noticed that the file’s size interrupts the entire image uploading process. So, you must try editing the image file and decreasing the width/height (pixels). Apart from this, you can also try clearing your cache of the web browser to fix this error. If you don’t get any results from this solution, then you should try the next solution.

If the server lacks the available memory, then you can face this error while uploading the image. The best way of fixing this is to increase the amount of memory PHP. For the users, it is recommended to increase the memory by 256 MB. The users can increase the memory limit using cPanel or the FTP.

Some plugins are faulty and can cause issues in image uploading. Both themes and plugins can cause this error. So, check all the active and recently installed plugins to find the cause behind the error. You need to deactivate the plugin one by one to find the faulty plugin. There are many other errors of WordPress, such as error 404, WordPress Error 500, and HTTP error that can be fixed by temporarily deactivating the plugins. So, users must try this once before seeking anyone’s help.

Change the Image Editor Library

WordPress usually runs on PHP in which two main modules are used for handling the images. If you’re facing problems with these during image uploading, then you must try changing the image editor library.

Ask your host

If you’ve tried all the solutions and still facing the problem in uploading images or files, then you must reach your host for assistance. SometimesComputer Technology Articles, troubleshooting steps might also need some assistance from the experts so it would be better to ask your host about this error.

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